Aaron Greenberg: Tomorrow is Big People

Xbox Evolved:

"Tomorrow is definitely a big day for Microsoft and Xbox. What does Microsoft have in store? Aaron Greenberg seems to know. "

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AridSpider3027d ago

I can hardly wait. I just really wanna see what Natal games are shown

3027d ago
lowcarb3027d ago

I don't think there to worried about Mag or proving Live is better. Should be interesting to see what they have in store for gamers.

Socrates3027d ago

@ 1.1

Yeah, because we all know that more players equals a better game. /s

Why should developers do it just to prove something? If it doesn't result in a more enjoyable game, why do it?

There are PC games that network thousands of players together on the same server, but that doesn't automatically make them more enjoyable games.

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BX813027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

@shadow Flare. It's funny that you would care about what people spend their money on. Don't worry your little head sweetie. Is it because you can't afford the fee that you want to hate on it? In the words of Jay-z "what you eat don't make me $hit". As for 256 players making the PSN service better, not correct. I play MAG and Bioshock's online is way more fun and it's done with way less players. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for 2morrow. Wouldn't want you to run out of material funny man. Now on to paying to play. Sure it would nice for live to be free but it is not. Now let's take your example COD. It's free to play on PSN and you have to pay for live. Last time I checked the competition is harder on live and the community is bigger on live. When you get older and are allowed in clubs you will understand. Some clubs are free to get into and some you will have to pay to get in. That's just life. It's all about the crowed in each area. If you like the one better in the club that has a cover charge guess which one you're going to go to. Easy to understand? I knew it would be.

Blaze9293027d ago

Clearly 360 gamers don't you do whyyy?

IdleLeeSiuLung3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

LOL... "Clearly 360 gamers don't you do whyyy? "

Why do we always get ugly trolls like shadowflare in every 360 article diverting the discussion into some kind of console war, when the majority don't care.

Shadowflare please go away!!! Go play your PS3 or MAG instead of trying to convince others too. Let Sony do their job and I'm sure they will ask for volunteers if they needed you.

Saaking3027d ago Show
IdleLeeSiuLung3027d ago

I'm sure anyone looking at your comment history then mine would completely disagree with your slanderous statement.

ThanatosDMC3027d ago

If they announce LP2 and DR2 is going to be timed exclusive, then it's a megapawnage!

we won3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )


DatNJDom813027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

i wonder what they got? hopefully its something new.

Guitarded3027d ago

He must be excited about what they show.

starchild3027d ago

I'm looking forward to this event. I can't wait to see more from Halo Reach and Splinter Cell Conviction, to name a few.

BWS19823027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

but now that I have a 360, I'm eager for the future (I actually love how Reach is looking). Number one though, although it's probably not the most agreeable, is an AWESOME Perfect Dark Sequel...Rare doesn't seem to have the magic though...So, who knows...But I think anyone can agree it's not a lost cause in the right hands...Sadly, those hands don't appear like Rare's but I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt. Pressure just might get to them. I enjoyed PD Zero more than most gamers, but only because I am desperate for an update!

Hmm, I am also curious about that Warhound game, that was supposed to come out and it looked sweet. Or, Mech Assault 3! Or, Chrome Hounds 2...That'd be sweet too.

vhero3027d ago

Honestly I cannot see any HUGE announcements tomorrow as we are still pretty close to E3. If you think they are gonna release anything HUGE this close to E3 you are in for a huge shock.

dragunrising3027d ago

Are you interested in the Perfect Dark HD update? I never got into Perfect Dark Zero but loved the original. Perhaps they have a sequel lined up. Its a great series after all. Mech Assault would be pretty sweet.

BWS19823027d ago

was leaps and bounds better than any console FPS for it's time, and leagues better than Zero, so yeah, I love that one to death. I guess what really is needed is a sequel to that one (make the new one "Perfect Dark 2" as Zero was a prequel)...I still play PD 1 to this day, in both my original 64 with my cartridge and console (bought that release day!), and with the emulator too (helps AA). I'm excited to get the PD 1 update though too, so yeah, that'll be a good thing to tide things over until PD2 *hopefully* arrives. There were innovations in PD1 that I still haven't seen repeated (like the stealing of weapons via melee and making your opponent temporarily dizzy, or the laptop gun, or the sim personalities, the shooting range challenges, etc...)

It ranks in top 3 games of all time for me.

frostypants3027d ago

"There are PC games that network thousands of players together on the same server, but that doesn't automatically make them more enjoyable games."

Actually, it CAN contribute to making the game more enjoyable. Otherwise, why would they bother?

You wouldn't care if MW2 was 2 v. 2 instead of 12 v. 12? That's exactly what you're implying.

CWMR3027d ago

-It hasn't made them more enjoyable so far. Frontlines Fuel of War and MAG both have lots of players, but to me they are far less enjoyable than games like Uncharted 2 and Halo 3.

Moving back on topic, I am excited to see what they show today. I am not expecting anything huge, but to get some updates on some of my most anticipated games like Alan Wake, Splinter Cell Conviction and Halo Reach would be really nice.-

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Blaze9293027d ago

Halo: Reach gameplay please

tokoshix3027d ago

Yea, I'm hoping see more of it too. Very interested in that.

doG_beLIEfs3027d ago

I am very skeptical about the Natal stuff. I want to see some fun, unique software. Enough with the talk show me what Natal can do or I will just call you PSeye 1.5.

Fable 3 news/gameplay has me interested as well.

ZombieNinjaPanda3027d ago

I'm mostly interested in Halo Reach gameplay. Would be sick.

kaixxi3027d ago

seriously all i can
hear from u xbugs is halo halo halo
got no more games to play?
might as well play HALO KITTY eh?haha

vhero3027d ago

I agree but to be fair what else have they seriously got exclusive wise to look forward to now Mass Effect 2 is out? You could list a load of games like Alan Wake and Crackdown 2 but honestly they are not in the same hype league as games like Halo. Wait until E3 though I reckon both MS and Sony will give you something to look forward to..

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JasonXE3027d ago

tomorrow is the season premiere of survivor!! Lets go Russel!

ProA0073027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

rofl I'll admit, I lol'd at that.

LordMarius3027d ago

yep tomorrow we get to see the new God of War footage.

Ven10003027d ago

I was thinking the same thing. I'm gonna have that new trailer downloaded in HD as soon as it hits. It'll be on my PC, PS3, and PSP.

Michael-Jackson3027d ago

OMG!!! he's right about one thing, for once ;-)

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

...Pac-man Game for 'xBox LAG' er erm 'xBox LIVE'!!! ;-D

mcnablejr3027d ago

*yawn*-- ps3 has less games, ;)

only here to state facts/.

xaviertooth3027d ago

so he and gabe will make an appearance?

CWMR3027d ago

-Did you guys get lost? You are in the wrong article. It seems you thought you were in a God of War 3 article.-

-MD-3026d ago

Are you guys seriously that excited over a trailer for an already announced game?

Trebius3026d ago

Why are you excited over footage of Natal?
Why are you excited over screen shots of Alan Fail?
Why are you excited over footage of Failo:Reach?


360 has no games. :)

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DailyAddict3027d ago

Don't worry Arid and Blaze, Microsoft will just announce Natal support for Halo... make both of your fantasies come true... lol... and I don't care what Bungie says about Natal not being integrated in Natal... i'm sure MS has the final say there and not Bungie and given that Natal is scheduled for launch same time as Halo I don't really find that coincidence and MS knows the easiest way to make anything they do successful is to slap a Halo sticker on it... so Natal+Halo = Instant success.

Blaze9293027d ago

ehh, as long as it's optional sure why not.

vhero3027d ago

If its not optional then they could break what potentially could have been a great game. I think its called Halo reach as it was designed for Natal from the beginning that's why its called "reach" . As you reach for your guns :p.