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inFamous 2 coming in 2010?

The latest issue of the Official Playstation Magazine has made mention in their "Second to None" section (basically the gossip column) that inFamous 2, currently unannounced, will be released sometime in 2010 (inFamous 2, PS3)

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jwatt  +   2067d ago
This and Batman would be on the top of my most wanted list!
ryano23277  +   2067d ago
Only thing I ask for is that the game isn't rushed to get the $$$$, but take the time and truly make inFamous 2 and Batman 2, not a 1.5 game like many others games have done.

Just another AAA to add to the list.
MasFlowKiller  +   2067d ago
Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch worked on that game engine for a long time,
The first infamous but i do agree that having games on a two year cycle like Uncharted and Resistance can only benefit the final product.
The thing about Batman 2 would be that its not running with its own engine so it would be harder to optimize it to a full squeal
eg: Gears of War 1 & 2, Bioshock 1 & 2 both running the Unreal engine but when it come to big changes to the game only few are found.
sikbeta  +   2067d ago
I'm Already Waiting, InFamous was Really Good, I'm sure the Sequel will be better

Gamers FTW!!!
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aaron5829  +   2067d ago
Infamous 1 was really really really good....

too bad some people stopped playing after the first few missions for being "boring" ....

They really missed out.
DarkTower805  +   2067d ago
Yes!!! Just no more shards please, collecting those still gives me nightmares.
blu_yu_away  +   2067d ago
Announcement maybe but I really can't see it releasing until 2011, same with the Killzone 3 rumors. 2 years seems to be the de facto development time for sequels this gen. I just can't see Sony rushing these, there is no need. Any way though I'm lookin forward to continuing Cole's story.
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Venomish  +   2067d ago
I would buy it right away.
solidt12  +   2067d ago
The perfect Summer game.
bshubinsky  +   2067d ago

I wouldn't expect it until closer to the holidays.
sorceror171  +   2067d ago
I'd be very surpised if it came out 2010
Sure, they've got an engine, and art assets they can tweak, but making a whole new game in like a year and a half? That can be done... but I dunno if you can make a *good* game in a year and a half.

If they had a lot of good ideas and half-developed code they couldn't finish by release, maybe. They did a very good job on the last one, and I think they'd probably want to make the best game they could.

They'd need to make some engine tweaks, too. Sequels need to have better graphics than the original, these days.
Cyrax_87  +   2067d ago
Out of all the sequels, Demon's Souls and inFamous is what I really want to see. I hope the sequels will be as big as Among Thieves was to Drakes Fortune too.
bshubinsky  +   2067d ago
I liked Demon Souls, but it kicked my ass to a point where I simply couldn't finish it.
-Alpha  +   2067d ago
Still need to buy #1
I heard a lot of talk about the putting in online and IMO it would be awesome if they allowed co-op.

GTA with superpowers online sounds like an insta-win.
LordMarius  +   2067d ago
yep co-op would be awesome
Gen0ne  +   2067d ago
I agree.
This game screams co-op. Make it happen!
Beefstew4u  +   2067d ago
I disagree. Most people who have played it would agree that co-op wouldn't really work with it and it would ruin the experience. Plus what would the other person/people be? Another Cole? I say no to co-op in infamous.
The Great Melon  +   2067d ago
It would be more or less like Crackdown if it has coop. Never used the coop in Crackdown, but I hear it was great addition in that game. I'm interested if they do different powers besides electricity in the next game. Sucker Punch made it sound like that they would consider that for future games in the series.
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ryano23277  +   2067d ago
50/50 on that one
I agree with beef, only because inFamous never set up that any of your mates are like Cole.

However if the co-op is there with a new twist, then by all means.
Or the co-op is a normal person, so Zeke can drive, shoot etc.

Online I'm unsure of - if there were 5-6 other types of powers it would be something special, but to have 16 Cole's running around I don't know.

Either way - 1st Day
DaTruth  +   2067d ago
Spoiler alert!
It's like you guys never played the game! Co-op could easily be a Cole from the future returning to help his previous self! That is pretty much what the first game is about!

Kessler and Cole teaming up!
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aaron5829  +   2067d ago
Yea.. i guess i'm one of the people who thinks games like Infamous, online and coop doesnt sound right....

But i really really hope i'm wrong !
saint_john_paul_ii  +   2067d ago
The end of Infamous (Good Ending) was wicked!!! I would want to see a sequel


That would be freaking awesome.
nogolis  +   2067d ago
I wanted them to take a bit longer for this one... It's not even a year old yet. I can't see the quality bar being raised much.
El_Colombiano  +   2067d ago
Most of the Dev time was making the engine. This time the engine just needs some tweaking, and anti-aliasing haha. A year sounds very doable.
The Great Melon  +   2067d ago
Sly Cooper I, II, and III were released in 2002, 2004, and 2005 respectively. It is quite possible for them to make another infamous for the 2010 holiday.
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cLiCK_sLiCK9  +   2067d ago
So when a PS3 exclusive game gets a sequel a year after its release, ITS OK??? But not for Left 4 Dead 2?

I wouldn't want them to release infamous year after its release. 2 years=Better quality.
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nogolis  +   2067d ago
I never said I even liked the L4D series... In fact, I hate it. I'm just saying I wish they'd have taken longer, but if they feel they have a game with enough new content to warrant a 2... Go for it.
Dev8 ing  +   2067d ago
Most of the people hating on L4D2 were valve fanboys that felt valve was releasing what should have been DLC as a full game. If you know of valve's support for other franchises then you would probably agree that part 2 should have been DLC. What was the difference between the two games? 4 new characters, a few new zombies, Melee weapons and 5 new levels.
ARMY_HAWK  +   2067d ago
Loved the first one, now I can't freaking wait for the second one! :D
Umbrella Corp  +   2067d ago
The first made my summer gaming sessions really fun.
Gen0ne  +   2067d ago
That would be nice...
... but I feel it's a little too soon. Maybe they mean fiscal 2010. This time next year makes a little more sense to me. But hey, I'll take sooner than later.
JoeReno  +   2067d ago
I personally think that ...
All of the games that have made an appearance in the Uncharted2 multiplayer are all going to get a release date this year. Thus starting the hype-train for said games, and I am Hyped
arabiensoldier  +   2067d ago
Dont tease me now!
i wish I2 would come out but i dont want to be unpolished so ill be patient for then next and hope that SUCKER PUNCH takes there time cause i really liked the first one.
Trebius  +   2067d ago
The way I see it it's just like Uncharted ...
The first one came out, they built the engine from the ground up and that was 75% of the work.

Now they dont have to concentrate on the Engine and they can just optimize it and give it improvements like UC2 did over UC1.

I except amazing things from Sucker Punch this time around. Things can only get better from this point forward, everyone who's anyone has already gotten to know the architecture so games will be flying in much faster.
MGOelite  +   2067d ago
i wonder if it will have 2 different storys, i finished with good ending
mt  +   2067d ago
please make it true ...
and if you could pull it out like what naughty did with U1 to U2 ... that would be really awesome .
Aclay  +   2067d ago
The thing I want the most in InFamous 2 is Destructible Environments similar to the way they were done in Red Faction: Guerrilla... it would be just so awesome to be able to charge up one of Cole's Stronger Electric blasts and just level entire buildings with enemies still on rooftops, blow holes through building walls (no place to hide) and having the ability to pick apart a structure by exploiting it's support beams, etc...

As long as Infamous 2 comes out and is more polished while being a significant improvement over than the Original, I'm all for 2010 release, but at the moment I still think Early 2011 is more likely.
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aaron5829  +   2067d ago
destructible environments sounds cool..
BUT.. i doubt it works... i mean... first of all, the game will be kinda too easy... and collapsed buildings must not be able to magically appear back to normal state within a few game weeks ??
ballsofsteel  +   2067d ago
will be a sequel but not in 2010 the first one came out in mid 09. plus sony always unveils their games early if you looked at uncharted 2 it was unveiled about a year before it was launched. so if they intend to get infamous 2 out by end of 2010 they would have most likely announced it already.
DaTruth  +   2067d ago
When you have five exclusives lined up for early in the year, you don't go showing people what they should hold out for!

You make them buy today, then you give them what they can't refuse and they will find a way to buy that too; In effect, selling them more then they originally wanted to buy!

Sony hasn't made a single announcement for Fall and holiday season!
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sleepyazn  +   2067d ago
Infamous wasn't bad...
It wasn't excellent however, the electricity powers were kind of a turnoff playing as a "good" guy since you can't go crazy and blast everything in sight but Infamous was a solid game and i wouldn't mind a sequel.
bshubinsky  +   2067d ago
At least it was better than Prototype
-MD-  +   2067d ago
That's pretty much why I went the evil route, I wasn't interesting in playing it safe the whole time.

It wasn't better than Prototype, more polished sure but not necessarily better.
Dev8 ing  +   2067d ago
Prototype was absolute garbage. I rented it and returned it to blockbuster and got an exchange that same day. I highly doubt you played both games if that is your opinion.
-MD-  +   2067d ago
Infamous was pretty good, fix the repetitive side missions, make the upgrade system more in depth and it could be great.
MajestieBeast  +   2067d ago
1 of my favourite games of 2009 and a brilliant ending which pretty much confirms infamous 2.
peedie16  +   2067d ago
I think it will be announced this year but released in 2011
subzero-08  +   2067d ago
Holy frick, please yes. This would be at the top of my most wanted list.
MetalGearBear  +   2067d ago
more games for PS3. :D
tiamat5  +   2067d ago
If this is true I would like to say in advance thank you Sucker Punch for making a sequel to one of the most awesome superhero games I have played since Arkum Asylum avaliable this year. If not then please take your time and make Infamous 2 1000 times better than the first one. And multiplayer would work if you added more heroes and/or villains to play with. I am sure Cole isn't the only conduit who wants to save or destroy the city. They can even be part of the single player story.
HurstDarkStar  +   2067d ago
give me fire power and water power side kick and im set
FelicityOldGamer  +   2067d ago
if this happens...
Oh my... Infamous 2... will be a BLAST!!!

BannedForNineYears  +   2067d ago
We already knew it would be released 2010.
I loved inFamous 1.
It's like GTA 4 on crack.
subzero-08  +   2067d ago
That's exactly what I thought xD.
prettyboy1  +   2067d ago
best action open world game
hands down good action check.good story check.and for the people still comparing this game to protype plz stop its not funny anymore this is old news.INFAMOUS2 FTW
TehCell  +   2067d ago
The first game was pretty horrible. The people felt robotic. The world felt dead. The gameplay was horrible. I can see why it didnt sell.
Karooo  +   2067d ago
it sold 1 million + and got 9's in most big sites its an AAA game. Your obivious trolling is getting pathetic, if you are so jealous you can always sell your 360 no one is stopping you.
prettyboy1  +   2067d ago
TehCell  +   2067d ago
@ kartik21
It took 2 years for it to reach a million. wooooow. Not Impressed.

@ prettyboy1
Stop spamming on N4G.
Dev8 ing  +   2067d ago
That was prototype douche bag. This was the other open world super hero game.
sorceror171  +   2067d ago
Um, a million in 3/4 of a year...
...not two years. I know you're just trolling, but come on, put some effort into it! Either quote actual facts in a misleading manner, or if you can't manage that, stick with opinions. Factually incorrect statements are a newbie troll tool.
tiamat5  +   2067d ago
I think a water powered sidekick for a electrically charged Cole could lead to some unfavourable results. He could be a bad guy. But firepower is definately doable for either a villain or hero. If they can get the fire effects right it would rule.
sashimi  +   2067d ago
inFamous: the only sandbox game i've ever completed!Also have the platinum trophy too.Can't wait!
Dev8 ing  +   2067d ago
Wow you got all the blast shards. At least collecting them wasn't as pathetic as shooting pigeons in gta.
Convas  +   2067d ago
Goddammit NOO!!!! Sucker Punch, for the love of God, where the hell is Sly 4?!?!?
Adamalicious  +   2067d ago
It wouldn't be totally unfathomable if InFamous 2 was unveiled at E3 and then released around the end of the year, or early next year. I kind of expect to hear something about it by E3 at least.
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