Kombo: White Knight Chronicles International Edition Review

Ryan Olsen writes: "White Knight Chronicles is the latest game to hit North American Shores from Level-5. Already out in Japan, WKC is a traditional JRPG with some innovative twists to update the gameplay."

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Myst3053d ago

Cliff hanger ending I do hate you.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3053d ago

And it'll stay like that. After this poor reception I don't even think Sony will waste time bringing the sequel to the states. =(

But the game's so awesome!

ExcelKnight3053d ago

Keep in mind that even Capcom had an insanely rough time with Monster Hunter. Unlike MH, WKC actually has a continued story through the supposed trilogy the game will have.

I can still see them localizing the second game. Most especially if Georama nets Sony a lot of money (most stuff is $2 to $4 in the real-money store and I've seen a LOT of people with bought Georama content).

Myst3053d ago

@Bodyboarder_VGamer: I think they'll bring it over honestly, though it may be slow paced and reviewers have given it some bad scores their are quite a few people with the game still. Majority are probably ticked more so at the fact that you have to pay 5.99 for avatar redesign, something that I want to do; but not willing to spend on :p.

@ExcelKnight: As have I, I have actually looked into buying a few things; but currently want to get to the highest tier of Georama possible before doing so. Yeah, it would be s disservice pretty much to start a trilogy and not allow the people to finish it, I could definitely see that as being one of the reasons as to why they would localize the second.