New Crysis 2 Scans: Best Looking Console Game Ever?

GT: Just in is our copy of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, and in it, the details and new screens from the upcoming shooter, Crysis 2 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 are juicy and mind blowing.

Get them after after the break.

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kaveti66163080d ago

Hard to tell because of the grainy filter.

mikeslemonade3080d ago

For PC it will be the greatest looking game, but right now for consoles Uncharted 2 is still the best looking game. The Crysis 2 version for PS3/360 will not be better than Uncharted 2.

ThanatosDMC3080d ago

There's a lot games that hide themselves in grainy filter make themselves look better. Glad U2 wasnt one of them.

morganfell3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Some sectors of the console crowd shouldn't get their hopes up. They also shouldn't be fooled by airbrushed PC scans and think consolew will look the same.

Lastly, Crytek have made statements to developers about which console they feel has the most graphical power to render and display Cryengine 3.

we won3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

There are a few games fighting for best on consoles like:

Alan Wake
Battelfield 2

People seen the 360 version of the game, so stop the PC excuse BS and @#11 you seem very sure about that considering most graphically great games are superior on the 360. I've seen the E3 tech demo of the cryengine/gameplay and the PS3 version was the worst looking.

Those Crysis character models and the detail crushes Gears 2, uncharted 2 and KZ2.

The PlayStation mag probably has whatever pics given to them, the company will most likely use what ever pics look the best universally for both consoles like many do. I love how the PS3 fans are in a panic as if games becoming more advanced than PS3 exclusives is an a attack on PS3 lol.



No one has even mentioned PS3 by name when they talk about the console versions, it's obvious it was the primary console focus with a better result?

PoSTedUP3080d ago

i have a feeling that the 360 version will look better because it most closely resembles a pc, dev-kit-wise. hopefully sony lets them in on a lil secrete, and they have two teams working on both codes to make them both look the same.

not a crysis fan though no matter how great the graphics are.

lowcarb3080d ago

I can't believe you people are still running around screaming UC2 looks the best after seeing so many games coming that look better. Crysis 2, Alan Wake, Metro 2033, Rage and Brink are going to break some hearts.

GVON3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Scans are not great quality so I skimmed over it.

Something that concerned me when I heard C2 was coming on consoles was how open will the gameworld be,if it's entirely in a city (New York I think it said) then your contained within streets,with really tall buildings hiding any need for huge draw distance.
It could lead into a better game,i can imagine it being intense.But if a corridor shooter is what we end up getting then i'm not totally sold it's worth it.
I like crytek,they are tech gods,and if bringing it consoles (depite valid concerns) is what they need financially then so be it.

mikeslemonade3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Low-Carb, I think you have neglected carbs too much and that includes carrots because I heard those make you see better. You obviously don't have an eye for seeing quality graphics.

Also is this a new game engine because Far-Cry 2 used the Crysis engine and it looked good but it was beating the top tier games in terms of visuals.

Letros3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Fail, Far Cry 2 used Dunia engine, all your credibility on graphics is lost.

trancefreak3080d ago

@ mikes lemonade yeah no disrespect just here are the facts on far cry 2

"The Dunia Engine is a game engine developed by Ubisoft's Montreal development team for Far Cry 2"

I think your thinking of the first game?

TheBand1t3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Crysis 2, will end up looking better then Uncharted 2, yes. Metro 2033? Alan Wake? Brink? HAHAHAHA! No.

Pass the pipe bro. I want some of what you're smoking.

aaron58293080d ago

and yes.. even my fav game of all time U2 does not compare to it graphically.. but the gameplay of the first game... was kinda a disappointment for me... and the final part of the game was ridiculously hard...

great graphics... mediocre gameplay... i hope that change in C2 ...

BattleAxe3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Looks the same as the original Crysis.

@ Arron, I totally agree with you on that.

starchild3080d ago

I wish the scans were of a higher quality. From what PC Games magazine said, it is likely to be one of the best if not the best looking game on any console.

Coffin873080d ago

What seems to be looking great is the color and the lighting. Details also look good, but the sheer density and fullness of details in every single shot of Uncharted 2 is just sooo hard to match.. well we'll see. Can't wait for more.

ATi_Elite3080d ago

When will you people stop comparing this game to Crysis PC. Crysis PC was a graphical achievement because it was built to harness the power of the PC.

Crysis 2 made by PC developers but this time on a engine built for consoles was made for the 360 then ported to everything else will not look better than Crysis. Not even the PC version of Crysis 2 will look better than Crysis PC.

Only SONY Exclusives can surpass a Sony Exclusive because they know how to program for the Cell.
Killzone 3 is going to MURDER Crysis 2 end of story.
Half Life 2 Episode 3 is going to Slaughter Crysis 2 on the PC
Halo Reach will be graphically superior to Crysis 2

corneliuscrust3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

No? Then you have no idea what they can and can't do with a system. It's all a matter of coding. If they have done their research, why couldn't they surpass first party offerings? There are talented, brilliant coders all over the world. We have NO idea what they are and aren't capable of. Blind statements don't prove a thing.

BlackKnight3079d ago

I should point out that there is no grain filter, that's called halftone and how images are printed onto a magazine. You are seeing the artifacts of the halftoning. Just had to point that out.

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Raf1k13080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

It doesn't say which platform the screenshots are from.

Since the screenshots are most likely from Crytek they'll be wanting to show the game at it's best so I'm guessing they're PC screenshots.

edit: @below, ah right didn't know that. Sounds like it's gona look great even on consoles but it doesn't say which platform the screenshots are from.

N4PS3G3080d ago

Dunno but according to PCGames magazine. Crytek showed them the 360 version.

Quote: " The magazine was shown the Xbox 360 version of the game and it looked good; among the best looking games available on any system, they in fact say "

Link: http://www.thatvideogameblo...

M337ING3080d ago

Raf1k1, you're correct. PC Games were given screenshots taken at 3840 x 2130, a resolution that only PCs can render.

Raf1k13080d ago

I guess that would make sense in case they wanted to publish large images in their magazine (like the ones that cover two pages). Even HD images can end up surprisingly small when you try and print them at 300dpi or whatever it is they print at.

DaTruth3080d ago

This isn't the first time we're seeing these exact shots! They were the New York announcement shots and they are likely from the PC... Because seriously, does anyone really believe they would announce the game with the 360 shots!

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movements3080d ago

@N4P3G, these scans are from PTOM, might be the PS3 version?

Raf1k13080d ago

It's anyones guess really but the main thing that worries me about this game is that the first one didn't keep me interested for very long so hopefully it'll be better.

Pandamobile3080d ago

I saw a scan of a park in my PC Gamer magazine and it looked fricken amazing. I'd be incredibly impressed if Crytek got the PS3 and 360 versions to even look like Crysis 1 on its second highest setting level.

Raf1k13080d ago

I'm looking forward to see just how good Crytek can get the game looking on consoles.

trancefreak3080d ago

Here is a quote from Yerli states " For those concerned about crytek making a pc game and then shoddily and hastily porting a console version, yerli states development on ps3 is happening simultaneously." I dont feel we've compromised anything"

Another quote states "crysis beautiful wreckages is what did to perfection on pc, and it seems intact on ps3"

I guess we'll have to wait and see but I have faith that crytek will make this game shine on all platforms with the pc leading the way.

movements3080d ago

Wrong dude, PC version will be the best looking. Wonder if they're using a separate version for the PC.. Hmm

Traveler3080d ago

PC version will be the best. The 360 and PS3 versions will look about the same.

frankymv3080d ago

I think this will be the first Multiplatform title that will actually take advantage of PS3's superiority. If Crytek does this...hats off to them!!

Pandamobile3080d ago

I doubt CryTek will spend the amount of time required to produce a good looking PS3 game.

It's not like they're getting 30 some-odd million dollars from Sony and 5 years time like Guerrilla.

OpenGL3080d ago

Crytek doesn't have the time or the inclination to make the PS3 version as good looking as possible the way a first party studio like Naughty Dog or Guerrilla Games does.

The PC version on the other hand should look quite a bit better than anything else out on any platform.

DaTruth3080d ago

The PC version will be the gimpedest!

Please understand what I'm saying; The console version will be on par with console games and the PC version will be a console game with high resolutions and 16xAA!

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