Batman: Arkham Asylum Collector's Edition Finally Falls to $60

As far as video games' collectors editions are concerned, Batman: Arkham Asylum always stood out for the quantity and quality of additional goodies added. Maybe that's why the price for collector's edition have been steady for a long time, while other collector's editions drop almost immediately after release. Recently, however, Amazon finally discounted both Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Batman: Arkham Asylum Collector's Editions to $59.99. That's $40 off retail price and the best price ever available from a major retailer.

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Evildoomnerd3083d ago

This discount just had to happen on the day I lose my job. Story of my life :P.

ninfan3082d ago

Ouch. Sorry about that

deadreckoning6663082d ago

Wait, didn't someone say something about a GOTY edition for this?

Mista T3082d ago

who gave the 1st comment 2 disagrees? the nerve of some people on this site...

N4Flamers3082d ago

do you pitty those fools

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Dtoxz3082d ago

that sucks man. well I gave you a bubble and an agree just for the hell of it.
So sorry to hear you lost your job. Batman AA was an AMAZING Batman game.

Evildoomnerd3082d ago

In fact, the whole timing of things just made the situation comical! But on topic YES, Batman AA delivered so much awesome. I hope the sequel has more of Batman tripping balls.

VladimirK3081d ago

This CE is not bad.

I like the big, bat shaped outer case, but the Batarang does suck a little.
Not only is it fixed to the stand and made of plastic, but some genius decided that it would be a good idea to put scratches all over it, "To make it look as if Batman has used it". (Yeah, they actually said that).