IGN: Activision Hints At Subscription-Based 'Call of Duty' Again

A subscription-based 'Call of Duty' title is looking more and more likely.

When asked about the company's upcoming plans for the series during its financial call this afternoon, President and CEO of Activision Publishing Mike Griffith re-confirmed the series will see a new title every year, and said new business models are being looked at.

"Our strategy continues to be to annualize our key franchises. We've indicated before that Call of Duty is on a two year development cycle given the content and work that needs to go into a high-quality game experience," said Griffith.

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OGharryjoysticks3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

COD's main fanbase is on 360 and they already pay for the multiplayer service. I doubt it's that serious that they would shell out even more money to play one game even if it is COD. Granted I could be wrong, but I do still have faith in my fellow gamers regardless of which system they rep, so I would hope they wouldn't support a fee based COD to go along with the Gold fees because in the end it effects us all as DLC has proved.

EDIT- no way dude.. Subscription based games on 360 would be the dumbest thing ever. That's paying 4 times for one game. One at retail to take home and load up. A 2nd payment for internet service. A 3rd for MS greed. And finally that 4th for subscription. Please don't whore yourself for a game

TOO PAWNED3023d ago

hmm keep believing that, there are millions of people that only play MW2 and COD games, basically like WOW players and they WILL play to get their hands on MW, if you believe otherwise you are lying yourself.

lociefer3023d ago

Booooooooooooooooooooooooo !!

Charmers3023d ago

Not only will people quite happily do it, they will thank Activision for it and attack any one that hints Activision is pulling a screw job on them. Ah you got to love today's gamer got about as much backbone as a jellyfish.

Another One3023d ago

Unlike a lot of people, I have thoroughly enjoyed MW2 and it's multiplayer but if they start doing this I'll never buy another one. They're really pushing it with that idea.

Pillage053023d ago

People pay for xbox live...what makes you think they wouldn't pay monthly to play Cod.

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Scotty0563023d ago

Those bloodsuckers do that, I'm never buying another Activion game :)

spektical3023d ago

of course they would, activision is jumping on anything that makes money

thabigboss3023d ago

count me out of that Call of Duty title.

3023d ago