CNET Top 5: Worst things about the Apple iPhone

The iPhone, its the feel good hit of the cell phone summer. CNET takes a closer look. Is the iPhone really all its cracked up to be? Coming soon Top 5: Best things about the iPhone.

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ITR4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Can you make a phone call on your PS3?
Can you carry it in your pocket?

$599 is a lot but at least I can use it as a phone everyday and it does fit in my pocket.

If you disagree then tell me how to carry a PS3 in my pocket and make phone calls on it.

Bladestar: Your comments are exactly what I expected.
Apple builds it's brand just like Sony.
No one needs a cell phone but we all want one. No one needs DVD's but we all buy them.
Very few people buy just what they need. Our society is very materialistic so we must have the next best thing. It gives our society something to talk about.

BIadestarX4190d ago

I don't know if I buy a PS3 with that money... but I do agree that paying that much for a phone.. may be a waste... Ofcourse if you have the money to burn... burn away...


Can you make a phone call on your PS3? No... but... even a free phone you get when subscriving to a carrier can.

Can you carry it in your pocket? No... but you can carry any cell phone in your pockets...

You do not need a $599 phone which you will be able to use everyday and it does fit in my pocket.

Apple is just selling brand here... they are talking advantage of their brand recognition... just like the IPod.. there are cheaper and better alternatives in the market... yet people buy it from them.

darkdoom30004190d ago

Well true,
but can you play awesome games on your Phone?
normal cellphone games yes, but most are short, and not something you would wait a year and still be excited about it..

With the ps3(well probally all the consoles.) you can!
You can stream stuff from your PC,
you dont have to worry about battrey life,
you can watch Blu-Ray,DVD,quallity movies on your Phone,
you have a big screen(TV isnt part of the console, but most households have one!)
You have have E3 to look forward to..
Dont have to worry about loosing it..

And yes most people need a phone, but buy a cheaper one!!
my phones only 400 NZD, about 200USD and it dose everything i could wish for,

2MP camera
Nice screen
3G support
MicroSD memory card.
and it can obiously make phone calls...
but yes people still buy stuff like this...I saw ads for $7000 NZD HD Tv's...FTW?

Hydrolex4190d ago

I'm pretty sure apple knows people are mad of PS3 and they cannot afford it because the price is 600$. People dont buy a PS3 because its 600$ and then they buy an iphone for 500$ ????????? NEVER
People also can buy an xbox 360 + 2 new games ahaha

That thing doesnt worth 500$

ITR4190d ago

You forget the iPod.

Gen1 iPod sold for $400 and $500. It was only for Mac's back then and everyone said it cost too much and would never sell. Then it sold we are awaiting the 6th generation of the iPod.

Lord Anubis4190d ago

they complained about the 4gigs storage. :|

calderra4190d ago

Top 5 Worst Things about the Apple iPhone:
1) Douchebags like the guy in the video are exactly the people who are all hyped about about it.
2) It's $600 for a freakin' phone. Unless you work Wall Street and Blackberry-like devices are now a job requirement in your office, you don't need half of this stuff. Even then, you need a Blackberry, not this.
3) If you really need any more reasons than #1 and #2, you need to rethink your life.

Nik4190d ago

Knowing apple, there'll be a 3G version soon.

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