No Dpad: Daisy Mae's Alien Buffet Review

Picture this: You're staring at the menu in Starbucks, debating whether to order a coffee or a latte, with 2% milk or soy, and in a tall, grandé or venti cup. You feel almost overwhelmed by options, but will be drinking fast-food coffee no matter your choices. And you know there is better coffee out there, probably not far away in a locally owned coffee shop. Also, it's Christmastime in Starbucks - that's early November - and so you will have to drink your coffee from their Christmas-themed cups, which aren't nearly as nice looking as their usual cups, and while enduring the latest in trite, trendy Christmas songs.

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cyguration2935d ago

and uniquely interesting review. I was confused for about the first quarter of it but it reeled me in later on. All of it to confirm that the game is worth avoiding. Interesting.