Manhunt 2 Suspension May Boost Demand

Financial analysts are certainly having a field day with Manhunt 2, with its recent banning and all. They've tried to predict what Take-Two will do regarding their ultra-violent title, they've guessed as to why the publishing firm is getting all this bad rap - and now, they're saying that Manhunt 2's suspension could actually end up boosting the game's sales.

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FreeMonk4073d ago

Manhunt 2 will sell bucket loads if somehow Rockstar and Take Two manage to get the game released without any cuts or edits to the game that was sent to the ESRB.

If Rockstar and Take Two are forced to spend the $1 million they are rumoured of spending to edit the game to get released on all systems, the demand will not be as big, because gamers know it has been watered down!!

Get it out uncut!!!

Realness4073d ago

I better be able to see real people getting killed in this game. For all the hype its got about how bad it is

emptiness4072d ago

that's really f*cked up for you to say...

bootsielon4072d ago

I want this game now a lot more than I wanted it before the fuzz. I do believe demand has been boosted, just like Resistance sales went up right after the church scandal.