"The Wizard" Movie Review

Gamer Limit writes "In 1989, a movie was released that promised to be the ultimate film about the gamer. A movie where Fred Savage and his mentally impaired brother would fight against the powers that be (their parents) to become the video game champions of the world.

Where Nintendo would shamelessly flaunt every product they had, and at the end launch the most anticipated game of the late eighties. Where 10-year-old kids were able to travel across the country alone without ringing any bells. Where the Power Glove was king."

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Jorrel562936d ago

Best video game movie everrr!

TheGameLlama2936d ago

Better than Gamer?! No way!

DangerCurtis2936d ago

I don't Grandma's Boy is pretty hard to top.

DarkTower8052936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

you mean the best advertisement for a product ever - The Power Glove. That movie must have sold a ton of those, and 1 was bought by me. Unfortunately, it never worked like in the movie lol. Still though, I love that movie.

@TheGameLlama, you must be joking. Gamer is a sorry excuse for a movie.

Marceles2936d ago

The Power Glove and Super Mario Bros. 3. I remember first seeing it I was like "3?!?!?!? OMG AHGAHGHAGHAHGAHHGH"

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thedoctor2936d ago

Should really get down and see this movie. Sound awesome.

SilverDragon19792936d ago

I still remember going to see this movie in the theatre when it was released, and as you were walking in they handed out little 4 page strategy guides for Super Mario Bros. 3. It was coolest thing EVER! Oh the memories.

YoungKingDoran2936d ago

dude, seriously. that exact comment is the first comment under the video on the site, you copied and pasted obviously. i hope you are the same person or thats lame.

eagle212936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

if you were a kid in 1989 waiting for Super Mario Bros. 3 to release and loved Nintendo, this movie is excellent. It also has sentiment that gets me everytime. Long live 80's movies! :)

and Fred Savage's little brother wasn't mentally impaired, he was just depressed about his twin sister..the kid is a videogame genius how is that impaired?

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The story is too old to be commented.