GameSpot: Elemental: War of Magic Q&A

In the beginning, there was nothing. And for a long time, nothing happened until some guys made Master of Magic, a cult-classic strategy game that let you conquer a fantasy world with sword-swinging armies and magic spells. Master of Magic was succeeded by a great many other fantasy games that all put their own spin on the formula, but these successors eventually faded away.

Now, developer Stardock is looking to recapture the magic of large-scale fantasy-themed strategy with Elemental: War of Magic, a game that builds on the success that the studio attained with its acclaimed Galactic Civilizations series. Stardock's Brad Wardell explains.

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Saryk3083d ago

Master of Magic and Master of Orion were the top games in my opinion at the time. I spent a good many hours playing both. If any company can make this genre into a good game, it is Stardock. And of course I will be buying it………..