5 Games That Suck The Second Time You Play Them

Video Games are an art form. An art form that deserves to be admired over and over again, and each time enjoyed more than the first. Making a game with replay-value should be a priority for video game developers, but lately too many have been cutting short. Time and time again, these games are just sitting on our shelves, collecting dust, merely weeks after they are bought. Creating a game that sucks the second time around should be considered a crime, and if it was, these 5 games would be given the death penalty for it.

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Jamescagney3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I was expecting UC2 to be there, defiantly loses a lot on the second play. Not a lot more ways you can play it.

hay3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

It's not that IMO.
Played Bioshock 2 times, same goes for Killzone 2. They're still fun.
I agree with Assassin's Creed and... Army of Two? I couldn't force myself to play it for the first time...

But Mass Effect? Finished first 3 times, 2 times perfer walthrough, always on highest available diff.
Finished ME2 on my first playthrough on Insanity, replaying it second time on the same level(unfortunatelly it can't be harder ). Bull... You know what.

Jamescagney3023d ago

Most Bioware games hold up well on 2nd playthroughs, I've played BG2 numerous times because the way you choose to play has such an effect on the gameplay. I'm playing it again now, I've lost count of the times I've played it.

WildArmed3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

I hated re-playing AC1.. ALOT..
But I really wanted to get all perfect assassinations. same goes for Ac2.
I didnt mind playing Bioshock and Killzone 2 again..
Didn't enjoy ME1 replaying. game sloweded down too much sometimes.

Haven't finished Me2 yet, gonna get back to it after finishing up from WKC (on New Game+ atm) :) But I'm sure replaying ME2 is going to be awesome!

Ah, only if games like Demons Souls came out more often, played the game 9 times on one character alone.. and i have about 4 chars on each psn account.. (on my 3 psn accounts)

Oh i hated replaying Resistance 2.. sucked like hell.. But I really loved replaying R:FoM. It was my offline co-op party game for 2 years xD

ConnorSmith3022d ago

I maybe would have put it on there if I had played it all through twice, havent gotten around to it yet!

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Dragunov3023d ago

I replayed the first Uncharted like 4 times, still only 2 the second but loving it, even on crushing

-Alpha3022d ago

The only exceptions are Shadow of the Colossus, Uncharted 2, and Demon's Souls.

I just lose interest pretty fast once the surprise of the story is all gone.

That's why I'm very conscientious about paying $60 for games I can beat in under 20 hours. If I buy games they need to last a good amount of time before I am able to get another one.

WildArmed3022d ago

I agree, I barely used to replay games after i completed them.
but now trophies give me some incentive.
If i love a game, and want to show others that.. I go for the plat.
Basically to show my appreciation of a great game ;)

ConnorSmith3022d ago

I couldn't agree with you more, I am always a bit hesitant about paying the $60 bucks for a non-online game.

normally I'll just stick with the multiplayers such as Modern Warfare 2, Halo, and Gears

tehk1w13022d ago

Playing through Uncharted 2, and you're right. It's not quite as good once you know what's going to happen.

ConnorSmith3022d ago

Ya, I haven't played all of Uncharted 2, so i cant really say anything about it. It is a good game though.

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