New Diablo 3 Art by Brom

Blizzard has posted a new piece of monster art by famed fantasy artist Brom. It depicts the Claw Viper, a monster in Diablo 3 with a very new look from what it had in Diablo 2.

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Xulfxulf2903d ago

Brom is one of the most popular fantasy artists working today, and it's interesting that Blizzard seems to be collaborating with him. Is this the only thing he's painted for Diablo 3, and is it just a one time thing? Or is he more involved in the project than we know?

Leord2903d ago

Interesting. Wonder how much of these Blizzard are holding back on us!

ThanatosDMC2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Well they did say on the panel that they cant make up their minds and usually scrap up a lot of ideas once they realize a flaw in it. Hopefully D3 will deliver.

I actually like the zombie dogs idea but they said they might scrap it and even the zombie wall since it blocks a lot of things like the Bone Wall but wont let anyone through and it does damage.

The 5th character has to be a ranger of some sort. They still dont have an archer in D3 after all.

Medievaldragon2903d ago

wow more stuff. keep them coming. so many months of inactivity

Leord2903d ago

When the SC2 beta is announced, perhaps there will be more D3 focus! :D

moondragon2903d ago

cool art, allways a plleassure to see it.

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