Shadowrun and Bioshock: Gaming's Double Standard takes a look into the stigma toward titles with only single player or multiplayer. And the double standard that seems to have arisen.

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power of Green 4188d ago

I thought both these games are on one companies platforms. Also terms should be changed to "company exclusive" so the petty BS spite comments would be moot.

Example If Gow 3 for PS3 had a Psp version no one would start flame wars over it being on another platform it would be understood that its a Sony exclusive, same goes for 360/games for windows.

Ichabod134188d ago

kid...noone is starting a flame war. It was a mistake when posted, that the PC was left off. Mistakes happen, it was fixed before you even posted. I would discuss this further, but you don't have the bubbles to.

Great comparison of sp and mp, I kinda like a mix of both. I like shadowrun and oblivion. :P

toughNAME4188d ago

"Recently, Irrational Games, the developers of Bioshock, announced that Bioshock would have no multiplayer mode included in the title"

didnt they announce this in january?

anyways...personally i think that bioshock would just be stupid if it had multiplayer
MOST games arent worth my money if they only have SP or MP
but yes i agree with the article that bioshock will chnage this

toughNAME4188d ago

that Live reached 6 million users
it close to 5 last time i checked

Ichabod134188d ago

I think they said something vaguely about it then...but people assumed there was multiplayer. Usually, when games have no leads me to rent them only.

I'll see how the reviews come out before I buy it. :P

Odion4188d ago

what are you talking about at GDC they announced it had reached 6 million

Ichabod134188d ago

Yep GDC it was announced they have 6 million worldwide subscribers. While that number is probably inflated some by multiple accounts, that's still a big bank of users to ignore with single player only. Hopefully it will support downloadable content. :P

crck4188d ago

But only 3 million gold members.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4188d ago

Uh over 10 million consoles sold dumb ass. it's more like 3 million silver and 6 million gold. Where does Sony find you people?

crck4188d ago

So everyone that bought a 360 is online in your opinion? Cuz I know it aint fact. click the linke and feel that self ownage. Too funny!


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The story is too old to be commented.