HookedGamers preview: Mafia II

HookedGamers writes: "It is difficult to understand why we have had to wait eight long years for 2K Czech to release a sequel to its excellent sandbox crime tale, Mafia. It was in its own quiet way one of the best games of its time and made huge advances in terms of combining the freedom of roaming an authentic depression-era city with some rock-solid 3rd-person shooting mechanics. It made Grand Theft Auto III - the granddaddy of sandbox games released barely a year earlier - look dated.

Instead of having a booming soundtrack and comically referencing every crime film under the sun, Mafia gave a more realistic portrayal of the criminal underworld that seemed influence not only by films, but by what you would discover in books or documentaries about the mafia. You could say it was The Godfather - downbeat, epic, personal - to Grand Theft Auto III's Scarface - campy, colourful, excessive. 2K Czech seems to have taken a similar approach with Mafia II, aiming not only to uphold the authentic feel of the original, but use it to create a crime saga that will stick out in the overpopulated sandbox genre."

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