5 Games That Need Sequels

MyInsideGamer writes:

"When a game comes along, and it's naturally good, sells well and gets positive reviews it's almost a given it will receive a sequel. Every few years, however, a game will come along that will tick all the previous boxes and won't receive a sequel. By no means am I saying none of these games will get a sequel in the future, all I'm saying is that gamers are crying out for them. Maybe a loosely tied up story, a unique game that people want more of or maybe even the game got critical acclaim and people simple want a sequel. Here, in no particular order is five games I want a sequel to and I generally think they're deserved as well."

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Pandamobile3056d ago

Half-Life 2's episodes are what Half-Life 3 would have been. But Valve decided it was better to cut it into three episodes rather than spend 8 years on a full-on sequel to Half-Life 2.

Obviously there will still be a Half-Life 3, but my guess is it won't directly follow Half-Life 2.

reaferfore203056d ago

Surely HL3 will be on a new engine for it to take them so long.

Jerk1203054d ago

The only sequel that I agree to is an Elder Scrolls V.

vflhp3054d ago

Why? I think all of the mentioned games deserve a sequel in one form or another.

life doomer3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

my top sequels are in no specific order.
1.elder scrolls v
2.half life 3
3.heavenly sword 2
4.legend of dragoon 2
5.gta san andreas 2

I couldn't think of a 5th one so
I put gta san andreas 2 because san andreas was my favorite gta game.

vflhp3054d ago

Yeah, a direct sequel to San Andreas would be nice. I wasn't at all impressed with GTA 4

Justin_bristoe3054d ago

was a horrid list

heavenly sword

valkyria chronicles

demon souls


marvel vs capcom2.....these are games that truly need sequels

vflhp3054d ago

InFamous 2 seems a little low class to be included, but all the rest would probably make a top 10 or 20 list.

life doomer3054d ago

Dam, I should have put that game as my 5th choice. I knew I was missing something.

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