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AATG writes:

"You see, my multiplayer game of choice is yet again being ruined by cheaters, boosters, glitchers - call them what you like. And the worst part of all of this? Infinity Ward appears to be doing very little about it."

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dirigiblebill3083d ago

Bad Company 2 could really pull ahead of Infinity Ward in this department...

ASSASSYN 36o3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

I was about to say the same thing. I have been living in battlefield bad company 2 demo.

DavidMacDougall3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Only reason i aint playing the demo to death cause i'm building it up for the full game, will probably trade in MW2 for it and i ain't even reached the top level yet lol

Serjikal_Strike3083d ago

for the fools that dropped $160 on the special edition of

Rainstorm813083d ago

IW is laughing all the way to the bank.

Perfect time to be dethroned, Come on BFBC2!

wizzle523082d ago

While it can be an easy way to get cold blooded pro (if you have the patience and willingness to sacrifice your KD) Is the most game breaking glitch ever.

However it is rather fun when either yourself or your team mates are doing it.

sikbeta3082d ago

Eh... I can do an article saying:

"How BUGS and GLITCHES are ruining Modern Warfare 2"

Ah...if the people that bought the game don't care....

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-Alpha3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

You know, as much as I hate cheaters I promote their actions now.

I want IW to get off their ass and really work harder, but they don't do much at all, and when they do they don't do it well. So in all honesty, I don't care. I'm moving on until it gets fixed and even then I have no hope for MW2, and the only way for it to get fixed seems to be if it happens enough that many people complain.

I don't like to act like I'm some hardcore player, but the game itself has too many gameplay design flaws-- guns with no recoil, overpowered class setups that lead to uneven gameplay (runner class with knife is stupid, perks are imbalanced and overpowered, etc).

The game is still fun, it's just not as great as CoD4 and it feels like a step back for me.

Some have moved on to MAG on, and I personally am moving on to BC2.

Unfortunately IW doesn't give a crap, they are filthy rich already.

Rainstorm813083d ago

COD4 was far more balanced than MW2. MW2 is a mianstream game that wants the entry level player and veteran be equal on the battlefield.
Not to mention the glitches and cheated werent found on COD4 alot later after it was released.

Arrogance gets you dethroned its happened too many times to count.

Apple,Nintendo,Sony,Sega,Micr osoft,EA,etc.........

W-k3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

yeah i wish there where no perks at all, add ons for guns yes!! only perks i like is bling,ninja,and steady aim.i have pretty much given up on mw2 as well it just gets boring after a while,i really hate the maps on mw2 my favorite is the airport one terminal or some thing like that.i still like WAW better mainly for Nazi zombies der rise is the best zombie map ever.bfbc2 for me has proven to be a great shooter and fun i just love every thing about the game its just so awesome,i had a real epic moment today some one was flying a heli and i was in a tank and i shot it down and the heli spun out and crashed right in front of me it was sooo cool!this game is easily a 5/5 its just so epic.BFBC2 is the new FPS king!!.DICE FTW!!!

HairyArse3083d ago

I think IW should also add a 'classic' mode whereby the only killstreaks you're allowed are the ones from Call of Duty 4.

peeps3083d ago

but then it would literally just be cod 4 but with unbalanced weapons :p

dirigiblebill3083d ago

Cheating your way to victory is like buying a round of drinks and skipping straight to the hangover.

Walrus3083d ago

Try "Cheating is like buying a round of drinks and then not having to pay the money." At least that analogy makes sense.

MasterChief36243082d ago

Cheating your way to victory is like going back in time, before you were born, and killing your father and mother.

Makes perfect sense to me.

GSpartan7773083d ago

"before we all migrate to Battlefield Bad Company 2, or heaven forbid, EA's forthcoming Medal of Honor."

For the love of God just stop playing the damn game and move to BFBC2 and good luck expecting to have the same experience from a COD game. The PS3 version as far as things go is almost hack/glitch free. Microsoft refuses to certify the patch for the 360 and PC version can die for all I care since the PC gamers deserved it. You like to promote hacks? Well play your game with hack says IW.

mastiffchild3083d ago

"PC gamers deserved it"? Why is that, then? Because it's a system where there's a degree of piracy every single PVC gamer deserves sh1tty treatment often from devs who they helped to make their name? Innocent PC gamers who played COD for ages without ever cheating, glitching or hacking dedserved to have the dedicated servers ytaken away AND the price put up while most gamers stayed thesame deserve this crap?

Had we all stood up to IW with the PC gamers and boycotted the game for a week or two they might just have bothered doing what they should have in the first place and given us ALL dedicated servers but instead your attitude prevailed and we got the game as it was-crappy performing P2P, un beta tested rubbish from a developer who used to give a sh1t about how he game they made for us played out on our consoles and computers.

Hoonestly, everyone knows the basic COD game works and works well-what we don' like is the fact IW and Acti milked it more than ever this time round.They cut every corner they could to maximiase their profit and damn the quality of the game we get to play. They moved it backwards*(in online terms) on PC and allowed it to stagnate on consoles when the obvious way to improve the online game was overl;ooked and noone got the dedicated servers which would have obliterated lag and host advantage AND would have made these patches less of a lottery as they'd almost definitely have bothered wth a few betas if they weren't staying with the(criminal for a supposedly market leading and "premium" )P2P rubbish that was only just about forgiable from Treyarch last time out with the, almost, identical game.

It's the third year running that activision published this game with different skins(online anyway)and not to move on and forwards to dedicated servers s bad enough on its own but the bugs, glitches and lack of testing is absolutely scandalous for a game of this profile and of this much profitability. The way you view the PC community is what they relied on when victimising the PC gamers(and the same knd of thing behind the EU hike-most COD players are US gamers and the EU is split along language/nationality lnes anyway)this time round and they pushed all the right buttons so that it's only now a few people are waking up to the stunt they and IW pulled with MW2. Do you honestly think anything about it is "premium" apart from the profits it's made? Nt for me. Not when COD4 ias still a better game on and offline AND they did absolutel;y zero to improve it's online performance ths time round and actually moved us backwards on PC.

If Sony can manage dedicated servers for a game like Warhawk just what is the real justification for a monster like COD MW2 using P2P and limiting our numbers and killing us with P2P lag-without even mentioning the mess the lack of testing left it in.People are pi55ed off with MW2 not because the game is rubbish but because it could and should be great rather than a good game hobbled by greed and a lack of ambition from a developer who we all expected a lot more from , isn't it? I just don't think having an attitude as wildly unfair as, though not an uncommon one, your is a little unfair and doesn't help our position in future.

Whatever we might game on the fact of the matter, however, may well be that IW have made a bad enough mess of all this with thee constant patching that next time they'll HAVE to do a lot better on this front.What we can hope they do about their daft plots, sadly, is less clear.

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