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When I described No More Heroes 2 in my first impression, I said that it felt a lot like Crank 2: High Voltage, the hyperactive, over-the-top violent action film staring Jason Stratham. After completing the game, No More Heroes 2 is a lot like Quentin Tarantino's two-part epic revenge film: Kill Bill, with a slight mix of other violent cinema mixed in for good measure.

The result is an enjoyable ultraviolent experience with a charmingly eclectic cast of killers.

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JimmyJames702812d ago

A bloodbath game on the Wii? Get out! No way. Great review though.

retrovertigo2812d ago

I think the M-rated games tend to review well on Wii (MadWorld, House of the Dead: Overkill, Dead Space: Extraction, etc.), but can't seem to sell any copies!

JimmyJames702812d ago

I think that's cause the Wii is intended for kids, not for hardcore players.

EvilTwin2812d ago

retrovertigo -- The thing is, the original NMH is Suda's best-selling game for a home console (and that's with being limited to one console, unlike Killer 7). And if I'm not mistaken, MadWorld is the second-best selling game Clover/Platinum has ever put out (beyond only Bayonetta).

And that's for two games that aren't really very mainstream.

Ditto Extraction. Rail shooters just don't sell like GTA. Plus, there's no way Wii gamers SHOULD have paid $50 for that game. Why? Because apparently EA thinks it's worth about $15 as DLC for the HD consoles.

kube002812d ago

As soon as it hits $20 I'll buy a copy. Great review, its good to see more mature titles on the Wii.