Cliff Bleszinski reiterates "I'm NOT doing a horror game"

The Lost Gamer writes "Cliff Bleszinski has reiterated that he isn't working on a pyschological horror title."

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tdrules2865d ago

this is a shame, I believe this man's talent should be stretched past Gears Of War and the Unreal series.
Shadow Complex showed this

GiantEnemyCrab2865d ago

Shadow Complex was done by Chair and Cliff was not the lead designer on it.

Double Toasted2865d ago

so the first comment still stands.

Blaze9292865d ago

Actually no, no he didn't.

MasFlowKiller2865d ago

I hate vista so much i wanted win 7 to be faster,
clearly i need to be credited for the success windows 7 is right.

ok ok, gear one is still one of the best games this gen but gears 2 will forever be my biggest disappointment of this generation so i would need to see his next project before i give the man some credit.

nix2865d ago

i thought he already made one. GeOW2 MP. now that was a horror.

starchild2865d ago

Epic make awesome games and whatever they are working on should be great.

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sakura20092865d ago

is he doing another halo game

GiantEnemyCrab2865d ago

Nah, I believe he is doing the next Ratchet & Clank.

JasonPC360PS3Wii2865d ago

Ratchet and Clank 18 The Lost Sequel

-MD-2865d ago

ROFL, the lost sequel that's great.

fishd2865d ago

They are working on Gears 3,is it really that hard to realize?


If they could turn gears into a scarier game, I'd be all for it. Ditch the silly armor, make lancers use GASOLINE or SOME TYPE OF FUEL LIKE CHAINSAWS NORMALLY DO WHEN YOU REV THEM AND SMOKE FLOWS OUT OF THEM, and I think they'd have something pretty neat.

Or at least a chapter in Gears 3 that involves that kind of stuff. That'd be coooowul!

lowcarb2865d ago

If you want scary you should check out Metro 2033. Gears is great like it is although I do agree and wish the game were more horror than comedy action.

solidt122864d ago

I agree with him about the scary part. Hell I was scared when playing Gears one and that blind monster busted through the walls to kill me. I want to see more like that in Gears. Not a full out Horror game but just more moments like that. I think it was called a Berserker. Any way Gears 1 is still one of my favorite games, I think the pacing was great and the environments were scary and intense. Gears 2 is a better overall game with more polish but there's something about the first one that has me hooked.

FragGen2864d ago

You drank the bong water again, didn't you?

JasonPC360PS3Wii2865d ago

I'm thinking Gears 3 in late Nov or Dec, it would be a 1 2 3 4 combo punch with Halo Reach, Fable 3, Natal, and Gears 3. It would be hard to go against such a powerful lineup.

frankymv2865d ago

EA has already confirmed an upcoming shooter developed by Epic for release in early 2011.

baum2865d ago

So you are actually thinking about getting the lotion and fapping while you pursue wishful thinking, correct?

solidt122864d ago

agreed, It needs to be an early game for the next console. I don't see the point in bringing out another Gears this gen.


na, i think that will be just a bit too much.

gears and halo will clash bigtime.

other games would be ok I think, but gears and Halo the same year.

I know I would pic halo over gears.

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