Japanese hardware sales estimates (2/1 - 2/7)

Leaked hardware sales estimates from Japan have been released.

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Valay2903d ago

Fortunately this hardware leak should be more reliable than the one from last week. If these numbers do stick, then it looks like it's a down week.

Jamescagney2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

It'll be the PSP Go!

But you're right, let's focus on the foreign product trying to make it into the Japanese market rather than the Japanese product that is totally failing in its own country and around the globe.

Lol, look at the 360!

darthv722903d ago

You would think every person in JP has a DS in some form or another by now. 51,600 in total DS sales and 43,600 total for PSP. I will be picking up a Go after tax time.

Godmars2902903d ago

And that's different form any other month in Japan how exactly?

darthv722903d ago

when the 360 tops 6000+ then you have people wondering why that spike happened.

eagle212903d ago

The 360 is beating the

eagle212903d ago

Buy PS3 and Wii for true exclusives..

Jamescagney2903d ago

Look at that PSP Go, um, go. Fantastic sales.

bartkuz2903d ago

They say third time's a charm, maybe you should repeat that again

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