2nd Microsoft Game Conference Starts Today

TMC: Looks like Microsoft is having yet another gaming conference besides x10 tomorrow. A new website is up showing the first information of Gamefest: Microsoft Game Technology Conference

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Alcon Caper2963d ago

Judging from the 2008 Presentations it looks like a conference that's strictly for developers. Neato burrito. I hope they give some good tips for designing for Natal.

GiantEnemyCrab2963d ago

Does anyone have a link to a live stream for X10? I guess even a live blog would be decent..

KionicWarlord2222963d ago

X10 is going to be 4 hours long . There was no plan for a live stream .

Xbox 10 is kinda like a small e3 for xbox 360 .

You can compare Microsoft`s Xbox event to previous Xbox events .

GiantEnemyCrab2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Thanks for the info. I was hoping at least for a live blog.. I remember past X10's not having any feeds but was hoping this year was different. +bub 4 hours sounds good! Must be a lot to talk about.

Dance2963d ago

There was no plan for a live stream? well this sucks lol

KionicWarlord2222963d ago

Its not really like ces or e3 .I think thats the reason why .

But at least its 4 hours long .

ThanatosDMC2963d ago

I hope they release a handheld console with dual analogue sticks to challenge to the PSP. So the PSP2 can become better and fully incorporate online games and i want it to be DD only no disks.


Will/should be a live stream, there was a live stream at the X06 one

sukru2963d ago

Although I'd like one, MajorNelson says there won't be any:

No. The press event (called X10) is not going to be streamed online anywhere. It's not a keynote kinda of event. It's more playing games