Crysis Preview

Crysis' credentials are huge. Produced by Far Cry developers Crytek, Crysis is a first-person shooter of considerable pedigree.

Crysis is also a PC game of exceptional graphical grunt. Indeed, running on Crytek's advanced CryENGINE 2 – and advanced evolution of the Far Cry building blocks – Crysis looks set to shunt PC gaming kicking and screaming into incredible new territory...

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SF49er4084168d ago

thi sgame will blow every console game out of the water

PSTripleOG4168d ago

I just need a new PC lol

weekapaugh4168d ago

i think the 5 people who have a computer to run this game are really going to dig it.

Rybnik4168d ago

I'm not bashing Halo 3. I played the beta and it is awesome and extremely fun! But from a graphic standpoint alone, the new COD4 and Haze look WAY better currently. This may change by release, I don't know.

Other than that, yeah this author is right. Gotta say though, seeing that new multiplayer footage for COD4 shows that lighting-wise it is toe to toe with Crysis. The models too are are very close. I never thought that these would be comparing to each other, but they do. Haze also is right up there. I guess it was really wrong to assume that just as in past generations the PC would always be miles ahead of consoles. These too titles definitely prove otherwise.

Bloodmask4168d ago

Too bad my PC won't run it on it's highest settings. PC gaming can be really expensive. Looks like I will have to upgrade.

Mecha1054168d ago

yeah all i need is about $350-$400 to run this game at full settings no problem :D

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