Why Was Star Ocean: The Last Hope On Xbox 360 First?

As of last week, Star Ocean: The Last Hope is a multi-platform game. However, it took a year for the PlayStation 3 version to come out. How come?

"This was all about timing. When we began development, we were provided with the development equipment needed to produce titles for the Xbox 360 before that of the PS3," the development team said in a fan powered Q&A.

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ClownBelt3081d ago

Lies! It's all about the money. You got paid to release the game on the 360 for the 1st year. Much like every other JRPGS.

Genesis53080d ago

We know MS wrote a cheque in hopes of selling some 360's in Japan. It really didn't work out as well as they hoped.

IdleLeeSiuLung3080d ago

That is why MS handed of the publishing rights to Square Enix? Especially considering MS paid Tri-Ace off to keep it timed exclusive after the fact!!! /sarcasm

That makes perfect sense!

GrandDragon3080d ago

Stop being a butt hurt delinquent on the Open Zone.

It makes PERFECT sense for them to start on the Xbox 360 since it had a year head start and developing for the console was easy. A year delay is absolutely acceptable given the time periods in development. It makes sense.

Enough of your tainted conspiracies and more of the obvious truth.

socomnick3080d ago

All I know is the 360 version looks miles better than the ps3 version.

Guess the weak GPu on the ps3 is showing its age.

Ninji3080d ago

It was on the 360 first because you always have a beta before the final game is released. People who bought the beta helped the devs make it better for the final version on PS3 by adding in lots of extra content all on 1 disc.

ps360owner093080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

1st if it was just about money how come it didn't work last generation with the original xbox?

Next how come you all didn't have a problem when sony payed for exclusives during the ps2 era? The only reason they couldn't pay for exclusives this gen is because of how much money they invested in blu ray and the cell processor.

And for those who say sony never payed for exclusives they paid 124 million in 2001 to become the outright #2 largest shareholder of squaresoft.
You can bet that before they paid that kind of money that some behind the scenes wheeling and dealing went on and they made sure every important square title would be exclusive on the ps2. It was also said that they paid for gta and metal gear exclusivity during the ps2 era as well.

Blaze9293080d ago

What the hell? They just said the exact reason why they put it out on the 360 first yet you two still want to play that Money Microsoft crap? Jesus you ps3 fans have some WEIRD conspiracy theories - even with the evidence slapped right in front of your face.

"we were provided with the development equipment needed to produce titles for the Xbox 360 before that of the PS3"

So I guess when Project Natal and the Arc comes out, you are going to blame Microsoft paying companies as the reason for Natal having more games than the Arc? Because it has been said, some studios still dont even have the Arc dev kits while Natal is in every studio for some companies.


Because Microsoft gets/got the tools needed to develop games to developers faster than the PS3 is the reason, just like it's said in the description. So what is again, happening with Natal vs the Arc - I bet you all will say MS paid them for all the games Natal gets compared to the few the Arc may receive.

bakasora3080d ago

Im one of idiot to buy X360 arcade for SO4. SO4 was decent only. My X360 has only Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean 4, Tales of Vesperia and Gears of War(free gift). Only 4 games wow

GrandTheftZamboni3080d ago

I noticed that the first ones to mention word "conspiracy" are usually the ones that try to ridicule it. Good example on this page: the only ones that mentioned the word (besides me now) so far are:


Natsu X FairyTail3080d ago

it's a known fact that most DEV had the Xbox360 Kits way before the PS3 ones in America and Japan. So Developement for games like Tales , SO4 etc started on the xbox360 thats why the game was released on it 1st.

we won3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Well I told PS3 fans to scratch SO4 off the lost exclusive list many times because of this. Doesn't make sense anyways because SO is a PlayStation series that was lost to the 360 regardless. LOL

Were is TrollPolice? hahahahha

Also Bioshock was in development for PS3 first and it got canceled then released on PS3 anyways later on.

The PS3 version is inferior, hope they add extra content to make up for the game coming a year later with inferior graphics, like most devs do in this situation.

N4BmpS3080d ago

why does socomnick even comment on anything, there's enough stupidity on blog sites(although I made one on purpose >:) No but seriously Nick can go to the openzone

FACTUAL evidence3080d ago

SURE....we all know damn well MS payed a hefty little fee for time exclusivity AS ALWAYS. SE loves to lie don't they?

Ravage273080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

I mean that is precisely why Tri-Ace/SE were denying a PS3 port was underway even when it was late into June 09.

there's NOTHING fishy about that,even if that means they ported the entire thing in half a year.

It is also totally reasonable to assume SE did a 180deg reversal in attitude within days of issuing that statement.

It has to be a dumb conspiracy even if SE said they've NEVER planned to bring SO4 over to the PS3 right from the start despite the franchise appearing twice on Sony's platform already.

I'm also 100% sure M$ has absolutely NOTHING to do with it even though the game depends heavily on japanese sales and Japan is an area where the PS3 piss all over the 360.

It's also an outright coincidence that every M$ 'exclusive' took exactly 1 year to jump ship.

Anyway, let's give a round of applause to Tri-Ace and SE for this incredible move. It's going to take nothing short of a miracle for SO4 to hit anywhere near a million in combined sales now - much lower than its PS1 and PS2 counterparts despite costing several times more.

The Wood3080d ago

nobody lies in the gaming imagine them actually telling us MS paid them like anybody would want that disclosed......conspiricy theorist vs the utopians... I sit smack in the middle

vhero3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

@socomnick your such a fanboy its unreal I have got the ps3 version of the game and play at max resolution and it doesn't look no way near that bad on my PS3. Them shots are fake you fanboys have got to stop holding on to fake pictures like they are real. The PS3 version of the game looks amazing! So for anybody who's wondering if it looks bad it doesn't them pics are FAKE. They are photoshopped crap! It's almost impossible to get capture the exact same scene in 2 versions of the same game anyways.

Sarcasm3080d ago

It's pretty much because of Yoichi Wada sucking the ballzack of the Western Dollar.

Rush3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Lol you guys man its funny reading the tripe you type here on N4G. I love your blind devotion to an elections company its sort of endearing. Although I would like to see a little new material, reading MS paid for this MS paid for that is starting to become a little stale.

You need something new and hard hitting, something along the lines of every time you buy an xbox 360 Microsoft kills a baby. Although it needs to be a little more believable.

I mean I look at 3rd party software sales on the 360 and I think, there is alot of incentive to develop for that system. Its easy to develop for so why not release it on the 360 then later port on the PS3.

It doesn't really hurt sales much considering 97 percent of gamers ain't pathetic little fanboy's that demand the best treatment from software company's that owe them nothing. If I was SE to be honest I would try to avoid the bunch of spiteful moronic idiots as much as possible.

Staying out of that market would be in my best interest. So why you run your little pathetic smear campaign, me and the rest of the word will simply go out and buy the games that interest us.

So insult S-E all you like I on the other hand enjoy JRPG's intend to go buy this tomorrow. I will buy the next S-E game and the next one and the next one. Until I no longer enjoy them.

Am sorry if your a little hurt by this but Square-Enix doesn't care about you or your opinion. Heck the gaming industry doesn't care about you or your opinion. Normal people don't care about your opinion. And honestly if I was Square-Enix I wouldn't even want you to buy my games so enjoy your little boycott if affects no one.

The only person your hurting is yourself, And the only person that gives a toss about your opinion is a person who already thinks like you thus what's the point in even expressing it.

GameGambits3079d ago

Am I the only one who thinks the game would've been much more appealing visually if they had somehow found a cel-shading method to make it look close to that screen shot up there? The in game characters all looked very dolly. Don't get me wrong though as the game is very impressive looking, but I think Tri-Ace art images are always better than the in game result.

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Umbrella Corp3080d ago

This Star Ocean wasnt as epic as the last on the PS2,but its probably because last generation Square Enix wasnt trying to be a westernized developer/publisher as they are now.

Godmars2903080d ago

I can't get the first hour of the last SO on PS2 because of the damn music blasting over the voices - and then there were the voices!

Its beyond annoying.

vhero3080d ago

Star Ocean was an Enix game.. not Squaresoft after they bought out Tri-Ace.

Ravage273080d ago

SE's greed for short-term gains killed a franchise that was 2nd only to FF in JRPG popularity last gen.

SaiyanFury3080d ago

FYI Square-Enix didn't buy out tri-Ace. Star Ocean is a property owned by ENIX that is now owned by S-E. tri-Ace has been working with SEGA recently to bring End of Eternity (Resonance of Fate) to the PS3 for the last while. Star Ocean came out on the 360 first because it was the first HD console to market. The same happened with Enchanted Arms and Eternal Sonata. They both made their way to the PS3. The same is also happening with Tales of Vesperia. The PS3 is showing some love from JRPG publishers this year, and I'm looking forward to it. I LOVE Star Ocean 4 and I can't wait for the others.

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Narutone663080d ago

can fund the game for the PS3 and the bots could beta test the game for bugs.

cmrbe3080d ago

MS just likes to screw up gaming for everyone. I understand getting games on the x360 but paying to delay on another platform is a low blow.

-MD-3080d ago

Everyone being people who only own a PS3, I'm fine with Microsoft's tactics.

FreeFalling3080d ago

Yet, people will always think its a conspiracy about MS and money. When is it going to end? Just give it up and grow up people... not everyone is out to get Sony or you.

Diamondwolf3080d ago

That there seems to be a plethora of PS3 conspiracy theorists roaming's just as bad to see people who are naive to think that nothing EVER takes place behind closed doors and agreements aren't made to put a PR Spin on things.

Anything is possible in the world of corporations and politics

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