G4TV | Heavy Rain Review

G4TV: Heavy Rain weaves together an entertaining thriller, an interactive presentation, and story-altering decisions. And though it shows signs of unraveling, it comes together in the end for a gripping and unique experience.

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-Alpha2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

But am glad the media understood the "experience" aspect that Cage was pushing for.

I'm glazing at some reviews that don't seem AS enthralled by the experience as others but they still appreciate it enough to give the game a high score. Games like Heavy Rain don't come around often simply because the risk is too great. Not trying to start a flamewar by any means but this is why first party studios manage to make so many risky titles-- Sony in particular recently has a net to catch these studios if they should ever bite off more than they can chew and financial failure isn't career-threatening.

I could never imagine Media Molecule setting out to make LittleBigPlanet, the idea of failing to market would be much too big.

Look at Haze-- third party exclusive that failed so hard that it destroyed Free Radical, a great studio from last gen. The resources were limited, Haze was completely generic, and they pretty much took no risks.

God I hope I don't ruin the story before purchase. I've already ruined Valkyria Chronicles and even Shadow of the Colossus back in the day so putting this game off only makes it worse.

How do you guys manage to afford so many day one purchases??

Pennywise2962d ago

I can't speak for everyone, but a well paying job does help :)

-Alpha2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Eh, part time job, so it's okay. School on the other hand is the big money biter, which easily takes away my beautiful 4-digit figures... then there is the conscious of saving money, which really screws me over.

One day I'll catch up to everybody else lol.

Actually I'm more of the gamer that gets single player games from the very past. inFamous and Valkyria Chronicles are on my list, $18 for VC sounds ace, but I'm so upset that some A-hole on a forum ruined a part of the story.


Xmas and Birthday= $2000? My birthday is within a week of Xmas, so I get screwed lol.

TheHater2962d ago

It doesn't help that I get $50 a week from my parents and I get about $2000 each year for Xmas and my birthday :)
Plus I live with my parents because I am currently going to college. I will have to cut back on the game spending in about 2 years when I plan to move out of my parents home.

baum2962d ago

That's too low for G4TV considering they give out 5/5 like candy to every overhyped game out there. I guess they just love generic games and not innovative experiences.

WildArmed2962d ago

lol i know the feeling.
I'm usually pushing 3-6 games including birthdays per year.
College takes a bit out of my budget so it's ok to go for 4 months w/o buying a game.
After march, i probably will have to wait till Nov. to buy a game again >.<

AssassinHD2962d ago

The answer is a six letter word that begins with 'S'.

BeaArthur2962d ago man. I keep a very small library of games at any given time. Since I don't have infinite free time it makes no sense for me to have a library of 20 games I don't have time to play. The most tenured games always have a solid multiplayer. If you catch Gamestop when they are having good promotions you can get a pretty good amount of credit back.

-Alpha2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

trade in two games and pay $10 for MAG.

I wanted to do it but I don't usually do trade ins. I like keeping a collection.

Also, the only games I ever wanted to trade in have been NBA Street Homecourt and Resistance Fall of Man.

But I never trade in games. It's really not that I can't afford the game, it's just that it's much wiser for me not to. I mean, I have money lol, it's just that there are more sensible things to put it towards.

Believe me, I would love the latest games, but I tend to be much more "controlled", especially when it comes to games like Heavy Rain. $60 for a game I can beat in 8 hours is not something I like doing. The only exception I can make is The Last Guardian. That game can be 8 hours long if it wants to, I simply cannot resist it.

@jinxstar, @unicron

Exactly my sentiments.

Hey, unicron, who do you work for?

Jinxstar2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Well I'm a firefighter and live with my girlfriend. I could afford most games day one but I choose not too anymore. Buying games like mirrors edge for 65$... While the game wasn't particularly bad in anyway I just don't think it was worth 65$... I got burned in 2008 by buying every game that even peaked my interest and got burned(Viking wasn't too bad but not 65$ worth, Far Cry 2 was pretty lame to me, Fallout I really didn't like... and between those 4 games thats what... 260$... Way too much for a bunch of stuff I didn't really enjoy. Not to mention games that I thought were ok just not worth 65$ like Assassins creed 1 or Prince of Persia) . So anymore I wait for games that I am "Meh" about to get bargain binned. All I have bought this yeah is bioshock 2. Getting heavy rain and GOW3. Other then that not too interested. Demons souls is keeping me plenty busy and steam has some great deals often enough (Psychonaughts for 2$. Trine for 5$...)

I am curious about Darksiders and it looks good but... Bargain bin will be better. Same with Bayonetta, Dantes inferno, Assassins creed 2 and mass effect 2. These games just don't interest me. Well they don't interest me enough to spend 65$ on them(ME2 I'll get on steam when there is a good deal though. Hate me all you want but look at my blog "Choice in gaming" before spamming the disagree button and maybe you'll see why I don't care for ME as a whole very much. I'll give the second one a chance but not at it's current price)...

Dunno but good score from G4 though. Very excited for this game.

Unicron2962d ago

I'm a game dev, so I thankfully can buy what I want. But now, the issue is TIME. Time to play, replay, and enjoy these titles that clutter my shelf. I will never trade back a game, and the collection is growing! (55 PS3, 100 PS2 alone)

BeaArthur2962d ago

That is why I do my research, so that on day 1 I don't have to worry if I'm buying a piece of crap or not.

The Great Melon2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )


As others have said either trade in or wait. I can't bear to let go of my games, so I fall in the latter category. I wait for games to fall below $40 before I even think about purchasing them. Bargain bins also yield good finds sometimes if you are willing to dig around. You could say I enjoy looking for cheap good games just as much as I like playing games.

@ Unicron

Same here, I have an incredibly large collection of games ranging back from the original GameBoy and the n64 to the current generation of consoles. I enjoy being able to pull out old games and playing them again. I sort of implant memories into games that I remember when I play them again.

Time is an issue with me also. Now that I am in college doing a double major, it is difficult play many games such as rpgs. They just take too long to develop the story and complete when I only have brief periods of time to play them. As a result, I relish the summer and winter when college isn't in session.

MiloGarret2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

"I'm a game dev, so I thankfully can buy what I want"

Lol, priceless.

Alcon Caper2962d ago

G4TV just doesn't want to get blacklisted lol

Sevir042962d ago

So be nice, or he'll eat you!!

A Cupcake for Gabe2962d ago

this is why I hate the 5 star's either and 80 or 100...

not's not fanboys...not for ps3/360 fans the same

but still this game is going to be amazing....demo was surely awesome..

L-Teezy2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

my problem is TIME to play...between workin, doin stuff with wife and kid, AND.....beatmaking seems to be more of a priority than my ps3 lately :p. i still got a few games i need to finish, b4 adding more unfinished games to my library.
off the subj. tho. feel free to check out my beats on the TUBE. i do plan on gettin heavy rain though. i just cant resist ;)

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Bungie2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

solid 8/10 score
day 1 buy
*happy face*

thanx N4PS3G for the news , you're awesome

TOO PAWNED2962d ago Show
-Alpha2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Hope you are not referring to me.

@Dead Cell

Damn, you got me. Well it was a good run.

WildArmed2962d ago

lol it all makes sense!
Now that i think of it
Rachet and Clank was made by bungie..
and since N4GPS3 has Ps3 in it.. and Rachet and Clank is on Ps3...

so... N4GPs3 = Alpha = Bungie..
Expected release date: Fall '10.
Most epic fps adventure game ever exclusively on n4g!

solidjun52962d ago

I'm so confused here. How is Alpha bungie again?

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Thoreau2962d ago

i am finishing my degree in physical anthro, and i work 2 jobs..

one pays 10 bucks
the other pays 18.50

i go to school full time 15 credits this semester...
my make 18.50 at my night time job and my part time job is in between classes. it is all about how much you want to maximize your day. granted i am tired, but i'll get enough sleep in the grave.

WildArmed2962d ago

lmfao we were just reading a Thoreau paper in class.
Actually had a paper due on 'Thinking like mountain' by Aldo leopold who mentions thoreau..
So basically we had to....
well nobody cares... basically.
Thoreau's work is interesting

_vx2962d ago

Bo3 bo3 Bots fail Bots fail calling heavy tears

Yoma2962d ago

Indeed :) you can keep playing your halo

YellowLightofDeath2961d ago

Its funny to see people talk to themselves...

ELite_Ghost2962d ago

guess they dont like good stories that much :S

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