Final Fantasy XIII: The Final Countdown -

Gamervision says, "In the summer of 2006, before Final Fantasy XII had even been released, Final Fantasy XIII was officially announced. Screenshots started showing up in gaming magazines and on the internet, and I remember thinking "Already? I don't even have a PS3 yet. Square Enix needs to slow down." Obviously, that seems fairly ironic now, when I have been waiting impatiently for Final Fantasy XIII pretty much since the day I bought my PS3. At the time, it seemed impossible that the next installment in possibly the biggest role-playing franchise of all time would ever go multiplatform. By the end of 2007, I was more than ready for Final Fantasy XIII. Unfortunately, FFXIII wasn't ready for the rest of the world."

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dominicm3079d ago

There's been so much hype for this game, I don't know if it could ever live up to that.