Playstation Magazine Misspells Lead Characters name in Red Dead Redemption Preview reports: "Yes in a weird twist, Playstation Magazine's most recent preview of Red Dead Redemption shows them misspelling John Marston's name as "Marsden"! We have provided a screen shot so you can take a look!"

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Uncle Rico2837d ago

maybe they were in a rush to publish :P

IllusionRSN2837d ago

Yea but to misspell the lead characters name!?!?!?

tdrules2837d ago

maybe you should add this picture to your article, it would seem apt for the game and for the lack of news.

sam22362837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

LOL, nice!

Can't wait to hunt some bears and drag criminals into town!!

TooTall192837d ago

I've never seen that before. Especially not on N4G