FFXIII features Chocobos and… Sheep!?

The Lost Gamer writes "On Page 69 of the FFXIII Scenario Ultimania the guide details the Chocobos, yet below this is a section that presents a range of sheep-like creatures that Vanille can clearly be seen interacting with."

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Julie3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I saw some videos of those little sheeps, they seem more like fluffy rams , but they are extremely cute and make a cute meeeeh! meeeeeeh! sound <3 i love them :3

EDIT: found it! :)

No spoilers (just in case) just the lil ram saying meeeeh! meeeeh! awww!

Kurisu3026d ago

Haha, I have never seen these before! They are pretty cute xD

hay3026d ago

I hope you can kick them.

Chaos Striker3026d ago

That is horrible, but I can't help laughing at such a thought xD

Marceles3026d ago

It's nothing special, all you do is take a piece of wool from them

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richard44813026d ago

so physhed for this game!

Kurisu3026d ago

Me too! Not long to wait now though :D No negative reviews are going to stop this from being my most anticipated game of 2010!

Karlnag33026d ago

I must have missed them... or forgot about them.