AVP dev: 'Graphic violence was necessary'

Rebellion's new Aliens Vs Predator game is one of the most graphic of late, in an era when videogame violence is regularly under the spotlight (and almost earned itself a ban in Australia). But the bloody spine-ripping scenes of the game were completely necessary, Rebellion has told CVG.

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doctorstrange2962d ago

It certainly doesnt hurt the game

cyguration2962d ago

It's opposite of David Cage's claim that Madisen stripping down every so often in Heavy Rain was necessary. Story wise that was completely purposeless.

In AvP the violence is attached to the nature of the beast(s). Predators were/are hunters and kill brutally and effectively. Aliens are scavengers who kill defensively...yet very effectively. I think Rebellion did an excellent job showcasing this in the game. Nice read.

Man In Black2962d ago

Fuvk off, you troll. This article has nothing to do with Heavy Rain. Stop trying to stir sh!t up.

Kotaku2962d ago

some1 is butthurt cuz ME2 didn't show him boobs so he has to troll all over HR for it! bloody moron!

TVippy2962d ago

It just got 5.75 from some magazine. =((( Such a disappointment for me.

mrbillybadass2962d ago

game isnt a dissappointment ben reeves is just a jackass tahts going to lose his job

DigitalHorror812962d ago

I want to say GAME INFORMER gave that score. I also want to inform people that if I'm not mistaken, they gave Goldeneye a 7.25 back when that originally came out. Goldeneye is a 96 on Metacritic, one of my favorite games of all time.

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The story is too old to be commented.