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IGN UK writes: "For all Quantic Dreams' talk of action and consequence, it's probably Heavy Rain's least impressive achievement. Much like last year's Uncharted 2, it's the game's astonishing presentation and assured sense of narrative that captivates most. Unlike Uncharted though, it's idiosyncratic, unfamiliar - not to mention utterly pessimistic - and a much tougher recommendation as a result. Despite that, Heavy Rain's undoubtedly a sophisticated, fearless and often remarkable piece of entertainment. As a game it's not always successful but, as an experience, it's absolutely unforgettable".

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Hanif-8762996d ago

Heavy Rain is gonna kick ass day 1 purchase confirmed :-)

SL1M DADDY2996d ago

Especially since some folks have the audacity to mock the game for its clever style of game play. In the end, it is a mature game for mature gamers. Kudos!

2996d ago
raztad2996d ago

Bungie sounds butthurt :D. come on Bungie, life is more than just waiting for reviews of PS3 exclusives.

"As a game it's not always successful but, as an experience, it's absolutely unforgettable".

I need to share such experience with my wife.

Jamie Foxx2996d ago

he actually said in a blog BEFORE he even played heavy rain that he will give it below an 8 yet he was still allowed to review the game? destructoid are toilet

on topic good score FDP

LordMarius2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

no thanks Im not reading that desperate attempt for hits they call a review same with Games Radar

they bought Heavy Rain down to a 90 on metacritc
which is still an awesome score :D

kaveti66162996d ago

Hopefully, Heavy Rain retains what we call a AAA rating on Metacritic. Not that I care, because I've decided to purchase the game already, but I am aware that the 360 fanboys are going to chime in that none of the PS3 exclusives so far are AAA whereas Mass Effect 2 (not an exclusive) is. Again, not that I care, but I just don't want to have to read those comments on N4G.

BeaArthur2996d ago

No you shouldn't care. I have always been confused by people being obsessed with keeping a high meta score rating. It really doesn't matter what the meta score rating is, it should only be used to determine whether to buy a game. It shouldn't be used for bragging rights.

kaveti66162996d ago

Did you understand what I was saying?

If this game doesn't retain a AAA metascore, the 360 fanboys won't shut up for a month.

I only care about the score in so far as not having to read flamebait comments from the fanboys.

-Alpha2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Personally, if an xbox fanboy tries to claim ownage over an 88 average I will only laugh at the pettiness of it.

Cone on, if 360 fanboys can't make fun of a great game for being bad then they will try to make fun of a great game for not being even greater? I doubt they'd try. Granted some PS3 fanboys are prone to "OMG, BEST EXPERIENCE EVER" so only those idiots who hype PS3 games to the heavens would bother arguing back anyway.

BeaArthur2996d ago

kaveti6616....the thing is though, that is why you have to read the flame bait, because you allow them to get to you. I understand not wanting to hear it from any fanboy but they aren't like the rest of us. Although they may be capable of using logical they choose not to and instead try to do whatever they can to get a reaction out of you. It's very much like dealing with an annoying 5 year old. A fanboy is always going to have something to say (even when they make no sense at all) regardless of what the meta score is. If HR received a meta of 98 then the fanboys would just say that "reviewers = fail, gave a QTE movie a high score". They don't make logical arguments therefore you can't shut them up, it's impossible.

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Dutch Boogie2996d ago

"Quantic Dream crafted the top game of 2010, thus far. It'll be hard to be interested in a game's story again after experiencing this gem."



I say day friken 1 biatches.

redsquad2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Wow, strong praise indeed. I look forward to reading their full write-up.
And 'day 1' definately - Had mine set aside for months now!

BeaArthur2996d ago

Impressive score, I think IGN UK tends to be kind of harsh most of the time.

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