Heavy Rain Review - 'the birth of a genre'

VGD writes: "Heavy Rain isn't a film, or even a game trying to be a film. It's proof of just how compellingly a game can use film, of how gripping a warmed-over scenario or humdrum script can become in the hands of a skilled design team. It filches ideas from cinema, doubtless – what big budget character-driven release doesn't? – but it's because it's a game, in the final analysis, that it's marvelous."

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dirigiblebill2962d ago

Had to rush this a little towards the end. I hate deadlines :(

sam22362961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

"the birth of a genre"

I'm sorry, what? The QTE 'genre' started in the early 80's, not with Heavy Rain.

Talk about overhyping. I'm looking forward to this, but I have a feeling Sony is passing out the brown envelopes again.

EDIT: @Dadymidnit3: No, you fail at gaming. Dragon's Lair created the QTE genre. There have been thousands of QTE games released after it. Examples being Shenmue and QD's own Fahrenheit. Get your facts right before commenting next time.

Unicron2961d ago

Better than $800 swag bags and free 360's for anyone reviewing Halo, no?

dragonyght2961d ago

QTE is not a genre its a game mechanic i fail to see the logic

s45gr322961d ago

The reviewer was not talking about gameplay mechanics, it was towards the simple fact that this is the first videogame in the crime thriller drama theme. Unlike many games that focus on war, sci-fi, spaghetti western (Gun, Read dead Revolver, and A call to Juarez)and comic/urban themes. So, it was also pointing out the various themes that Hollywood movies are based but have not been touched by videogames.

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Kakihara2961d ago

Brilliantly written review.

Michael-Jackson2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Your Heavy Raining Tears... :-P