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Saint's Row Demo Video

For you who can't get enough of this game. Note : They are using the custom soundtrack feature, so some of the songs aren't in the game. (Saints Row, Xbox 360)

THELANDSOFSAND  +   3331d ago

i can't wait.
speed  +   3331d ago
oh my
this will be sweet, such insane carnage!
LK  +   3331d ago
xbox live
i saw the online demo video and it is crazy sick. this is where gta needed to do. gang fights, protect the pimp,and alot others.
sparco  +   3331d ago

It looks fu**in amazing!!
ernande  +   3330d ago
It's a nice graphical upgrade from GTA, looks like it's missing the fun gameplay.

What's up with moving around a tiny little cursor to aim? Seems tedious. The GTA auto-lock aiming is much cooler.
Marriot VP  +   3330d ago
no it isn't, it takes no skill and it's a pain when you highlight the wrong people or objects. This game will actually take skill instead of seeing how fast you can lock on than shoot in GTA.
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3330d ago
they have said this is one of the easiest games for the 360 to just pick up and play, so i wouldn't worry about the aiming controls.

&&yeah, sounds more realistic than the 'F-16 lock-on' that GTA adopts.
xX OOH RAH Xx  +   3330d ago
I Have the Demo.
I got it yesterday ( The demo)when I reserved it @ EB Games. It's good. It shows how you got into the Saints, & it has a gamer picture pack a theme pack art work and a sound track. The game is going to be real good.
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3330d ago
ok, we are all coming over to your place to play it



Say's you  +   3328d ago
Please Saints Row=GTA ripp off another cheap knock off
It figures thier will be some "morons" such as yourselve's that would buy such a pathetic attempt of a game that is another look alike of GTA only it has fewer features online and customization big deal.
360theAssasinsCreed  +   3327d ago
Saint's Row is better than GTA
Picked up the Demo last Friday and all i am saying is GTA thusfar is nowhere near as good. Now we will see when GTAIV comes out but until then this takes GTA and makes it what it should have been period and the graphics and customizations are next gen along with the havok physics that are used. San Andreas can't hold Saints Row's balls period.
Say's you  +   3326d ago
Saints Row will never be better then GTA
Like thier going to make another one after this yeah right you wish highly doubt that this game is just like 25 life only it has online it still pretty much going to play more like GTA even online as well like GTA Vice City for the PC.
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