Price Cuts Came Too Late for Consoles says EA

Last year proved that the video game industry could, and in fact would, be hurt by continuous downturn of the economy. However, EA seems to have their own suspicions as for why.

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TOO PAWNED2811d ago

i doubt sony will cut price any time soon, i just don't see it happening. In 2011 yes, down to 199

ZBlacktt2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

It's more like EA, just STFU and make some decent games. Everywhere you read on how Sony is in the black now. The PS3 is selling damn good and catching that number two guy. Hell, we still have the great month of March games set to come out. A few bundles with that. Boom, another record setting month in sells. The economy is not doing as bad as everyone reports. Games have been around 40 years. They are not go a way anytime soon. They'll be fine and press on.

Excalibur2809d ago

And worry about it's own $hitty business model.

Their latest fiasco with the Mass Effect 2 DLC has netted them 92 pages and counting of screwed up customer accounts.

If you're so hip on price dropping, try looking in your own back yard. ;)