The Weekly Mod Interview: "SturmMOD"

GGTL writes: "This week, Gamer's Guide To Life takes a dive into the unknown. In 2008, Stefan Köhler, aka 'projektariel' on Moddb, released 'SturmMod' to the public. A modification of the Far Cry game, this was more of an interactive experience; the player could essentially be in William Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'. While it wouldn't be a scene-by-scene reenactment of the play, characters would piece together the story, based on their findings. The mod was used as a virtual stage for a live performance of 'The Tempest' by German theater/media arts group 'Projekt A.R.I.E.L'..."

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kidnplay2993d ago

Loving the mix of gaming and Shakespeare, and personally I think it's a fanatastic idea to use in theatre! Keep up the articles, love em.

mjolliffe2993d ago

Great interview, looking forward to more XD