Claimed Halo: Reach Footage Is From Crysis Mod

Alleged leaked footage of Halo: Reach has been revealed to be that of a Masterchief Mod.

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PhilipLarkin2900d ago

The truth always prevails....

But war never changes....

mjolliffe2900d ago

It didn't look real in the first place. But I'm hoping to see something at GDC or X10...

markbob2900d ago

I believe that Bungie stated that there will be a new ViDoc on 2/11/10. Either it will be shown at X10 or just released off their website.

kaveti66162900d ago

Does this mean that Halo Reach won't look as good as this mod?

SoX FireBlade2900d ago

This is crysis ofc Halo won't look as good as this but I'm sure the gameplay will be better than crysis

dirthurts2900d ago

Well it's running on the Cryengine on a high end no. Sorry.
But I say it will look pretty good. Better from an artistic standpoint. The environments in the mod are pretty weak.

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2900d ago
kidnplay2900d ago

A Halo game based on a Crysis mod engine? Should be good for user modding and suchlike, but unsure about how well MS would be able to utilise the engine for such a game. Hopefully see something at GDC or E3, eh?

catguykyou2900d ago

NO NO NO, its a user created mod using the crysis engine. Microsoft is not making a game using this engine.

Pandamobile2900d ago

What the hell. Who would actually believe that's Halo Reach footage? It's a Master Chief player model in Crysis Wars.

Fishy Fingers2900d ago

Rather evident to those who've played Crysis Wars, if the look alone didnt give it away, then the HUD certainly should have.

Blaze9292900d ago

and if the HUD didnt give it away the red laser sight definitely should have.

SilentNegotiator2900d ago

People like Bungie, THAT's who.

Logiistics2900d ago

Would make sense if it was.

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The story is too old to be commented.