Diablo 3 Art Upon Closer Inspection

Diablo: IncGamers have started a new, investigative column, delving further into what we thought we knew about Diablo III.

All the massive artwork made for the class pages deviate from other art styles, and seems to reveal new monsters.

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player_729852900d ago

Awesome! The artwork for Diablo III is pretty awesome and badass! I'm a true lover of Concept Art always xD!

Cogo2900d ago

The question is: Did you notice more inconsistencies?

Maticus2900d ago

Or it could just be pretty pictures...

Leord2900d ago

Well, nobody said they are not pretty pictures :)

Cogo2900d ago

Well, there's definitely SOMETHING to it. But as the writer says, it could just be artistic freedom by the art department.

theCHUNK2900d ago

I think it makes the most sense that the artist would look to Blizzard for creature models to work with - I mean, there are enough creatures that are directly from what we've seen... the artist could just be using their discretion, but it's more likely that they aren't. Fun to speculate, though.

Leord2900d ago

That four-armed Goatman is indeed interesting!

Leord2900d ago

Yeah, but most of them have been around for a while...

Cogo2900d ago

Mind you: Sometimes one does not have to take everything so serious. Yes, it IS nice artwork - then move on :)

DeepThought2900d ago

every little tidbit is so cool

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