Yakuza 3: Battle Pack Revealed

LONDON (9th February, 2010) – SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced that Yakuza 3 will be released in an exclusive premium edition pack when it hits shelves on 12th March 2010. The pack will include the following pieces of compelling content:

• 4 pieces of DLC
• 31 track soundtrack
• Yakuza Who's Who – learn how all the characters are connected and who turned from rivals to allies in this fully animated guide

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Chucky20032960d ago

How can you release this game on 12th of march when you know the biggest game of the PS3 is out on 16th lets not forget about FF13,are they mad or they really want this game to fail, to have an excuse for not bringing Yakuza4 to EU and US

mastiffchild2959d ago

Oh, we know Sega are obtuse about this series. The number of times they seem to shoot it's western chances in the foot are so numerous it's definitely starting to seem like someone at Sega doesn't want the hassle of it coming out west at all.

The first game reviewed well in the UK PS2 mag so I thought I'd buy it at release but, of course, it ddn't happen for aaaages after the import review I read so most had cooled on the idea, then I couldn't get a copy loclly as it was understocked AND there was zero marketing for it. That anyone bought it out here was amazing to me after the way they did things but they repeatewd the farce with the second game which was already at a disadvantage coming so near to the end of PS2 being relevant-so again, few bought a game which arrived late, wasn't well stocked, wasn't marketed at all and arrived over a year after it's Japan release on a platform most of it's western fans had left for PS3/360 by that time.

Kenzan! just didn't come and we all know what they've done messing around with Yakuza3 so long that when they finally bring it west it's releasing the same week as sony's biggest western action franchise and practically the same time as Y4 does in Japan tro emphasise jut how long we waited!

Seeing as they eventually decided to just subtitle it I really can't see what the hold up was and you would think they'd have at least, attempted, a better window for release if they wantesd it to do very well.

At least we're getting it, though, and will finally get our chance to support it and hopefully secure the chance of Y4 arriving sometime this decade in the west. ASeriously, we don't HAVE to buy it day one and as long as they give it a good push it could still sell well with PS3 exclusives traditionally having quite long legs rather than upfront sales-who knows but I'd expect it to actually sell a lot better than previouis games given they tell peeople it's coming and the western reviews are near to as glowing as the Jpanese ones were-the cost of localisation were reduced massively by leaving out the language dubs in favour of subtitles, thugh, so maybe it won't HAVE to sell that wll to be worthwhile-who knows?

As long as subs don't put people off I still think it should be the best selling Yakuza in the west purely because it's actually got a little more attention this time round. That competition must be a concern, however.

DaTruth2959d ago

I will be playing this like crazy for four days!

stuntman_mike2959d ago

I've been waiting ages for this!