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Submitted by Nineball2112 2194d ago | review

MTV: 'Heavy Rain' Review - Innovation Can Only Get You So Far

MTV Multiplayer: As much as I want to applaud the freedom the player is given in "Heavy Rain," I can't seem to escape the fact that it's not very fun. If the script was solid, or the voice actors were convincing, it would've been more bearable, but neither is the case. "Heavy Rain" is an experiment that might've worked as a small, indie project, but when you've got the backing of Sony behind you, there's no excuse for a sub-par product. Upon finishing the game, I felt like I had just sat through a mediocre, 9-hour-long, made-for-TV movie. On the bright side, "God of War 3" comes out next month. (Heavy Rain , PS3) -

Major_Tom  +   2194d ago
Don't you have an episode of The Hills to watch or something?
LordMarius  +   2194d ago
lol this review fails
Blaze929  +   2194d ago
the voice acting and controls are the only complaints i have with this game judging from the demo and videos I've seen. Otherwise a very solid title I can't wait to buy and play.
PirateThom  +   2194d ago
And, being a French game, the voice acting is probably on par with any other game being translated in another language.
Blaze929  +   2194d ago
The hell does this game being French have to do with the people hired to do the English voiceovers and a bad job at that (for SOME, not all of the characters)?
N4Flamers  +   2193d ago
lol i dont know blaze
if i can sit through Star ocean 4 I can sit through this.

This reviewer is a moron he says that the first 3 rough hours of the game were slow, and all his negative comments are from those 3 hours. It seemed like he focuses on negative aspects of the game. Every other review I have read has said that hte game is slow to take off, but they have looked at the game as a whole and not just the first couple of hours.

The funniest thing to me is that someone that works for mtv is speaking negatively about a script or story, like they know what a good script or story is.
FishCake9T4  +   2194d ago
Yeah because MTV know about dramatic dialouge.
Nineball2112  +   2194d ago
Per the article/review: "Heavy Rain" is an experiment that might've worked as a small, indie project, but when you've got the backing of Sony behind you, there's no excuse for a sub-par product.

Wha?? Just check out all the reviews that hit today... they are pretty much all 9's and 10's.

LOL... sub-par. *smh*
redsquad  +   2194d ago
Straight from MTV, the pinacle of quality entertainment!!!
MajestieBeast  +   2194d ago
Dont they have some crappy making the band show to rerun or more jersey shore.
jalen247  +   2194d ago
This reviewer is obviously a hater.

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