Gamezone: MAG Review


"It's such an uneven and eventually tiring experience, I think this is a good foundation on which to build a franchise, its just they need to make it so much more."

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Caspel3053d ago

boring game title = boring game. enough said :(. To tell you the truth, I wanted this to be successful.

Dead_Cell3053d ago

In the fact that.

- The game mechanics work.
- The premise works.
- It's fun.

Blaze9293053d ago

that kind of talk aint welcome 'round here.

raztad3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )


Dont waste your time with kids and haters. While they are hating MAG players are having fun


I own everyone of them. MAG blows KZ2, R2 out the water easily, and note I'm a HUGE KZ2 fan and I love R2 coop. You should try playing the game first.

Caspel3053d ago

please, the title is such a bore. Give me more Resistance 2 or Killzone 2 over MAG any day.

Dead_Cell3053d ago

Resistance had squads but half hearted it.
Killzone had objectives but nothing you could really plan around.

Both fit there purposes perfectly and are fun, the same way MAG is catering to the teamwork junkies.
I was the Resistance/Killzone/COD "only first place matters" player before picking MAG up, now I'm the guy rezzing my squad and leading them where we need to be.

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Nakerman3053d ago

I agree with the score.

athmaus3053d ago

my friend bought it...loved it for a traded in

Kyrwolf3053d ago

Seems like this is going to be a game that people either love or hate. not so much into FPS multiplayer, so I'll probably pass on it.

jstefanovic3053d ago

haven't played it yet! don't think i ever will.