PS3 Gets New Invite System


"Yaster, part of SCEE's community team, has detailed the PS3's new Invite System. It's pretty slick, especially if you're a regular user of the text chat facility built into the PS3's XMB.

How does it work? It's simple: get into a Chat Room, load up a supported game and click the relevant option (for Bioshock 2, this is "Manage Invites". From there, select the empty box at the top as normal."

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Blaze9293081d ago

does anyone really even use the chat room?

BeaArthur3081d ago

Blaze929...I think I have used it once.

LukaX233081d ago

I can't believe this got approved... This is SO OLD! I've been using this since DiRT 2. I'm sorry, but TSA seriously failed with this post.

3081d ago
Ravage273081d ago

my KZ2 clan uses it everyday and it's always going to be useful because some people prefer typing to chatting (esp. those who can read and write but are not fluent in spoken English)

WildArmed3081d ago

I use it often. (Demons Souls, WKC, R2, etc etc)
Mainly to get people together into a room, then we usually drop the room after we have our mics up and running.
Since it's alot faster then sending msgs. It's alot lighter on the Ps3 vs Texting Msging.

evrfighter3081d ago

jeez when are the consoles going to get a program like ventrilo or teamspeak. Both of those have been around for over a decade now.

TheDudeAbides3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

using chat room doesnt sound too slick

Playstation Live, please :) im not complaining, but still chat room is archaic

LoVeRSaMa3081d ago

Me and my clan use the chat rooms alot, its like having a "Party" system, I make all of them idle there when the Ps3 is on, its easier to talk to lots of players at the same time, and talk when dead on COD.

I think they will turn the chat system into a kinda of party system, now with a new way to invite, its looking more and more like that..

SullyDrake3081d ago

This is the only thing that 360 has over PS3. IMO the XMB is more slick and responsive than the dashboard, but the 360's cross-game chat and party systems are awesome. It's such a hassle to play with friends on PS3, more than it needs to be.

C'mon Sony, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Microsoft already copied your controller last gen, so they owe you a feature; please give us cross-game chat/party support.

monkey6023081d ago

Anyone who plays Socom likely uses the text chat. It's a cheap way of talking to each other when you've been killed off.
Yes I am guilty of doing this regularly

swiftshot933081d ago

I agree. We need a universal party system and a universal way to invite friends. Make the friends list better so that its easier to connect with friends. Thats all thats missing from the PS3. We know they can do it for God's sake, just do it Sony!

Lemmiwinks3081d ago

fix the god damn censorship on that chat or at least allow people that arent 3 years old to turn censorship off.....playing demons souls couldnt even say soul sucker.....sucker***...the most random sh*t gets censored using chat. while using it for the first time my jaw literally dropped, using chat for the ps3 is by far the most painful experience ever. words that arent evn bad get bleeped out its so frustrating tryin to communicate with people...thats probably why no one uses i thought the majority of ps3 owners were teenagers and above yet your not aloud to say suck or sucker and the messed up unbelieveble list of words you cant say in ps3 text chat goes on...... like come bout give us cross game voice chat is it that hard of a feature to implement ill give you five bucks if you include it....while playing demons souls was my first and only encounter with text chat....i wanted to phone sony and ream them out...

TheDudeAbides3081d ago

Party system, cross game chat, party system, cross game chat, party system, cross game chat, party system, cross game chat, party system, cross game chat, party system, cross game chat.

It's all PSN needs, universal party system, that work with all games and cross game chat plus better servers managed by Sony. I like PSN being free, but Sony f'd up not doing unified online service. Say whatever you wanna say about XBL, its childish, or whatever. But you gotta admit it makes playing and communicating with friends super easy and flowless. Sony may say PSN is fine, Sony is adding features but when it comes to the core experience, they're still behind and with this kind of workarounds I don't expect them to implement those features anytime soon...

I like ps3 and free online far better than Xbox and its stuff, I complain a lot about Xbox and what not, but whatever they do, they do it the proper way and it works the way it is supposed to work.

So please SONY face the facts, and step up, do something about with the PS4 launch.

Raz3081d ago

Nice that they're paying attention to such details, but frankly, with only Bioshock 2 supporting it...yeah. As with the SixAxis motion control, if devs don't get on board and make it work, it's gonna crash and burn. It'd be nice if there was something like this that *didn't* put the onus on the developers.

@1.14 "I complain a lot about Xbox and what not, but whatever they do, they do it the proper way and it works the way it is supposed to work."

Dude, really? Two words: hardware failure.

pixelsword3080d ago

It's just not good enough to pay for, is all.

Really though, no one should pay for online services after the initial internet bill.

But, from what I hear *(rumor, nothing to do with actual facts) Sony will be getting cross-game chat for a fee, but if true, Sony would have justified XBL, period.

We'll see, though: anything's possible.

evrfighter3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

gaming dev's don't even have to support this. It's a simple concept. A small, simple standalone background app that runs as a background process in the ps3/360 where you're allowed to invite friends to your comm channel. The only issue would be bandwidth but at least the option would be there.

It doesn't have to be flashy but jeezus this HAS to be one of the next steps if Sony or M$ want to up the online gaming experience. Being able to talk to your friends no matter what game you're playing along with having the option of disabling in-game voice so the 12 year olds and the people blasting music in their mic the entire round are muted. Making for a better time playing with the people you want to play with.

Of course the next revolutionary step for consoles would be making dedicated servers the standard but that will be if M$ or Sony ALLOW you guys to have it.

If this sounds like worthwhile experience then I believe you may be looking for the pc experience.

arny3080d ago

how long does it take sony to make a chat room everything except for the ps3 has a chat room

Lemmiwinks3080d ago

dude we get it you bang your pc's front headphone jack every night.....i like how in every article whether it has anything to do with the pc or not you just have to say the pc is superior some how lol....

otherZinc3080d ago

This is absolutely terrible! SONY needs to be kicked in the head for letting this go public.

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BigKev453081d ago

Blah, it's not touching Xbox Live.

Jok3r3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Well, I have been "screaming" for a long time now in Us.Playstation.Forum for an Invite-system like Xbox Live.
When playing Uncharted 2 I find it very irretating (as basically all PS3 games Multiplayer)
Sony... Just do this ..ok??
-Press the "Home-button"/" Guide-button"
-Scroll Friendlist
-Hit Square-button for instant Game-invite
-When receiving an Game-invite I would like to be able to hit the Home-button to directly be able to "Join Game"/Accept Game Invite from the message
Bascially, All who have played Xbox 360/LIVE know what I´m talking about!


mcnablejr3081d ago

i pay for a console, yet cant pay for live idea.. how pathetic.

Fishy Fingers3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

I pay for xbox Live, I have since it launched on day one. Doesn't mean I have to be happy about it when everyone else offers online gaming for free.

Console/game/internet connection, should be enough.

mcnablejr3081d ago

live- £3.00 a month-amazing service- plain to see its way beyond its competition

psn. (free) -an awful service. with home (which everyone knos is a joke)

wii( fail)

raztad3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )


Call me when Live has lag free games on dedicated servers. Meanwhile I'll be playing MAG.

saint_john_paul_ii3081d ago

if you want this invite system for Uncharted 2, then get other people to go on Naughty Dog's Webpage and be loud about it, heck i'll join you.

other than that, this feature should be mandated now.

Jok3r3081d ago

Do you agree that Xbox Lives "Function" (Crossgame-chat, way better invite-system, WAY better quality of ingame-chat, be able to look at Gamercards etc) is superior to PSN in every way?
Because I think so, and I know I´m not alone.!

Sure PLAYING online is just the same on both consoles but how much PS3-fans mabye hate Xbox 360 etc, there is NO deny that Xbox Live is way superior as it is now, and I frankly thinks that the 30 dollars I pay for Live for a year is justified...

Now I am angry at Microsoft for a couple of reasons and dont have a 360 right now.(Playing Uncharted 2, BEST GAME EVER!!!) But god I miss Xbox Live when playing Uncharted 2 Multiplayer!

Fishy Fingers3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Live is great, but much of the features are irrelevant to me and frankly nothing more than whats possible on a PC, once again, for free. I just want to play my games online, something you should not be forced to pay for in my opinion, if your happy, good for you, but those who arent are in no way "pathetic" as you call it.

Xbox Live should be MSs and the 360s selling point, not it's way to spin a profit.

I'm not here to argue over such things, your opinion is yours, mine is mine, there's no changing that.

SL1M DADDY3081d ago

I love the whole, "I pay for a game and yet have to pay to play the online portion of it" discussion. People who like to simply play online and play games online with friends find nothing wrong with the simplicity that Sony offers. What they offer is online gaming with friends for free. With Live you get all of that and then some but have to pay. In the end, the free option to get the online portion of a game you already spent 60 bucks on is more appealing to some. If not to you then by all means, keep on paying but don't hate on those who like a free online gaming network over the pay for play service.

maniacmayhem3081d ago

World of Warcraft says Hi

Godmars2903081d ago

How exactly is PSN an "awful" service? There isn't cross game invites and voice chat and that's it.

Unless you can come up with something more than your want for it to be an awful service.

creatchee3081d ago

It may not be touching LIVE for now, but at least it's moving in the right direction.

If you take the yearly fee that Microsoft charges out of the equation, LIVE is definitely superior. However, that's not to say that just because PSN is free that it sucks or is barebones. True, there are a lot of things in LIVE that I wish were in PSN, but I do have faith that eventually they will be there. There's been so many improvements in the last year. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but we couldn't even access the XMB in-game on our PS3s, and now we can do a whole lot more.

Give it time - Sony isn't getting membership fees to fund PSN. We kinda have to take free things with a smile instead of whining about them.

corneliuscrust3081d ago

LIVE DOES support dedicated servers. It is up to the devs to bring them into play.

Hell, in Vegas 2 you could set up your xbox as a dedicated server to host games on. It's a matter of the DEVS properly coding for it.

Do games sometime lag on live? YES. Do games sometimes lag on PSN? YES.

Does it depend almost entirely on the game you're playing, the conditions you're playing in, the network traffic in the area the host is playing in etc? YES.

Damn people act like PSN is a terrible service. It ISNT. It's a great service that has come leaps and bounds beyond what it was when it launched.

Is Live also a great service? Yeah, it is. But you pay for it. Live has also had years to mature into a robust online infrastructure. MS has leaned on Live for the 360 and it has paid off. Custom in game soundtracks in every game, streaming music across a network while in game, cross game everything. It's also insanely cheap.

I just can't stand when people throw up EITHER argument. Live is great. It's so cheap that price isn't even really an issue, you spend more on the electricity powering your TV while you play than you do on the online service that is live. It is worth the money for the benefits it does provide.

PSN is also a GREAT service! I can't believe how much Sony is putting up for free. It's not "gimped" in any way. I have no trouble finding or playing games online (save a few incidents at the time of a game launch, but these problems happen to both services).

Both arguments need to be put to rest. Cmon guys, it's not worth the pissin contest.

Pillage053081d ago

the one thing that is GREAT about the all of my friends who don't own a ps3 and want to come over for some gaming, can all EASILY and FREEly sign up for their own PSN id and save their own online stats without ever having to worry about paying a fee. We have 2 ps3s in my house so a lot of the time someone is over to play some COD or K2 with me and it would suck for them all to have to buy their own accounts just to play with me every once in a while. I'm not saying live isn't a better service, but I can say for the money I spend on it, PSN is the best around. Not to mention there are way too many playstion3 games coming out that I gotta buy, thankfully I at least don't have to worry about spreading money out to just to be able to play them online.

WildArmed3081d ago

wait.. lemme get this straight..
BECAUSE you can invite your friend and he can jump into Game X, it's offers an unparalleled experienced? So the ps3/pc version is inferior? LOL

So i guess the glitches of Mw2 go away? I guess the lagginess of online games go away? Oh and the gameplay and graphics improve!?

Sheesh, people cry about too many things these days.

bjornbear3080d ago

so...what argument do you have for me? I'm unworthy of life?

BYE3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

I like PSN. No, not because it's free but because it's simply a good online service.

And guess what, I can do not only cross game chat, I can even do cross system chat. It's called a telephone and was invented over a hundred years ago...

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Karooo3081d ago

get lost, sony is improving psn really fast.

last gen = dvd.

mcnablejr3081d ago

loving home, cross game chat, they are brill. along with the optional pay service they are soon to offer. sony give up.

Tony-A3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Hey, how many discs is it gonna take for you to finish FFXIII on 360?

You should be a pro at swapping discs since that's something that's gone on since the mid-1990s.... talk about last gen.. that one's last LAST gen.

mcnablejr3081d ago

i lol at the fact that disk swapping is all you can think of.

CernaML3081d ago

Gotta love paying that subscription fee for party chat, laggy P2P services and.. uhmm.. uhh.. oh! And being able to have spaces in your GamerTag. Yeah. Totally worth it. :)

Tony-A3081d ago

And I lol at the fact that you use the "bad reviews" logic when it has an 86 MC score. That's fanboy logic for you...

Oh, by the way, what makes you think that was all I can think of? If I listed everything I could think of, I'd be wasting my time with a list that long... all I've noticed you having was "no cross game chat".

ryano232773080d ago

disc tray
wired controllers
saving games onto a removable memory device
attachment to play wirelessly
lucky some company said HDMI is needed for true HD, or component/av would be another

3080d ago
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HungPHAT3081d ago

I love my PS3 but trying to be like LIVE in a cheap way is still not working. I wonder if this preminum
service will ever come true ?!

saint_john_paul_ii3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

the premium service is confirmed for this year.

As for your comment of the PSN trying to be like live in a cheap way, i disagree.

these features are coming towards the PS3 for free. not only that, this is pretty much a standard that should be in every console.

WildArmed3081d ago

free doesn't = cheap.
free = awesome.

But i do love the Live Party feature.. I just make new accounts on Live every month so I dont have to pay 4 live <3

Cueil3080d ago

PSN will never match Live's features because:
1.) Microsoft mandates the use of Live...
2.)all games must leave a certain amount of ram free for Live... this may cost them a little but no matter what service they want to add if they can fit it in that block of memory it is automagically on every single game on the 360
3.)Live has been around for a while now and it cost money... and with that money they make they are able to... upgrade their systems and offset the cost of their console if the need arises where they need to make drastic price cuts

Lemmiwinks3080d ago

id rather the developers have more ram to work with then cross game voice chat and some ridiculous features that arent that important....okay so now we can add live to the list of why 360 games are lacking to ps3 , developers have less ram to work with for the actual game...good to know personally id rather sony replace text chat with cross game voice chat, im sure text chat takes more ram then voice chat...take away the text chat replace it with cross voice chat simple as that. thats all i want sony every game the abilty to join games mid game like mw 2 and easy invite and joining system, party chat too.....seriously everybody we should talk sony into deleting un wanted crap from the in game xmb so developers can add cross game voice chat, cus psn is the same as live the developers either have to use less ram to implement more in game xmb functionality, and we all know sony and first party developers are not going to sacrifice any ram for another in game xmb feature so lets get sony to delete text chat which is a joke anyway. and whatever else we can go with out.....make room for cross game voice chat, party chat for any game, easy joining of friends matches, mw 2 like invite system for all games. lets get r done sony lets make some sacrifices to get party chat and so on....

bjornbear3080d ago

when people pay for something, they expect it to be superior.

PSN = free, no expectations, no let downs (in general)

its a known effect in marketing, proven by Dan Ariely (and probably those before him) which states that, the costlier something is, the more people will think its worth, regardless of its actual quality.

this isn't just an illusion, but occurs with for example pharmaceutics -

if you bought a $1 aspirin vs a $10 aspirin, you'd notice the $10 would have a "better effect" (its stupid,but its been proven =P)

however, when something is FREE, that value suddenly isn't "cheap" anymore, its free.

however, because its free, you take it as it is, no bias

because people PAY for Live, they have some investment in it, and are biased by the cost they invested

this may make them biased to demand more, or biased to assume its better - but the truth is

it depends who you are =P - to me, PSN is 100% perfect, and I need nothing extra in it, but thats me

I agree, Live is probably more robust and mature than PSN, but to me, thats means nothing, since I am satisfied with a free service that i expected no more or less from =)

its all about expectations, and when you invest money into something, anything less "costly" seems "cheap", but that is NOT the case

that just happens because we are human, and thus, we are flawed =)

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HungPHAT3081d ago

Ok Paul ! I'm Not trolling just saying that sony
is beating around the bush will online play ! But If the preminum
service comes with unified X chat and a XMB send/Join features ! I'll buy more
multiplatform online games on PS3

saint_john_paul_ii3081d ago

...i never called you a troll...