Analyst: Take-Two Unfairly Singled Out

The controversy over Manhunt 2 has really swelled this week, following bans, an AO rating, and the game being temporarily suspended. But is Take-Two unfairly in the cross hairs? If you ask some analysts, the answer is yes.

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CyberSentinel4191d ago

I never owned the first one, but I may seriously consider this title if it comes to the 360.

Lumbo4190d ago

they may be looked upon more by the rating groups, but imho any rating below AO would be crazy with a game like Manhunt2. I disagree with the banning business though, no rating group should have the power to ban anything, give it a 18+/AO rating and be done with it.

And why console manufacturers would disallow AO on their systems is beyond me. Whats the point of including Parental guidance stuff into the firmware if there is nothing available to be blocked by it ?