Playstation World: New DYNASTY WARRIORS®: Strikeforce Screenshots

Some new screenshots for you to enjoy!

DYNASTY WARRIORS®: Strikeforce is coming to PlayStation®3 February 16, 2010.

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green-cigarettes 2804d ago

does anybody give a sh*t about this game anymore? I mean I don't like this type of game TBH but I'm pretty sure some people did. But after seeing the same crap for what? 4 years now? I'm surprised some people buy it because they wouldnt make them if people didnt buy it.

Simon_Brezhnev2804d ago

actually they changed a lot den all previous versions. Online co-op different combos, and a lot of new moves.

Socomer 19792804d ago

You know those old guys you see shopping around the ps3 section that you wonder if they even know what they are looking for? yeah, thats them & they love this game.