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"Though shorter than other epic, multi-disc titles, there's more than enough content in Heavy Rain to warrant a purchase. At the end of my first playthrough I was left utterly satisfied with the conclusion of the story and wanting more titles of this caliber. Heavy Rain may not appeal to every twitch-shooter fan out there, but if you believe games can evolve beyond Pac-Man and Mario then I suggest supporting the amazing work Quantic Dream has done."

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2937d ago
Pennywise2937d ago

I hate the reviews coming out so early. I need this game now!

VileAndVicious2937d ago

....They gave Heavyrain the same score they gave MAG(A-). But *gasp* that cant be right? Can it? lol but yeah I will def be getting this day one cant wait for the demo to drop tomorrow.

Pennywise2937d ago

I noticed that :)

So far MAG = online game of the year for me. I will be on tonight too.

I played the demo and it was pretty good. Made me want to play the whole story.

raztad2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

Thats true. 1UP scored MAG and HR A-/A+. Very nice. I'll keep a closer eye on 1up previews/reviews. They seem to be spot on lately.

I finally got my mic :). We pwned SVER really hard last night. It was an ugly slaughtering. I hit them hard with an precision airstrike, but the game was over before I could strike twice.

EDIT: WTF penny? you already got a disagree and also did I. It seems a crime to say good things about a PS3 exclusive.


[email protected] as I care about them. Who waste his time tracking people here? some guys really need a life or more game time.

Regarding the match, I doubt you and your crew would have made any difference my friend :D. It was no a close call.

blitz06232937d ago

Not just MAG, but ME2 too. This game is day 1 for me

Pennywise2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

Don't worry Raz, its just my fanclub following me around to disagree.

Raz, you won because me and my crew weren't in that game. I take some time off so you guys can secure a major victory once in a while ;) hahaha... It's kind of like when I was younger and would want someone to play a vs game with me... whether it was a fighter, sports game or w/e... I would have to throw matches so they would play again later.


Raz, looks like you have just as many trackers!

Hakimy2937d ago

"I'll keep a closer eye on 1up previews/reviews. They seem to be spot on lately." just because they gave a great score to a game you like unlike other sites doesn't mean they are spot on.unless you gonna agree on every review they gave to other games as well ;)

anyway great score.I really liked indigo prophecy and I'm glad that Heavy Rain is getting great scores as well ;)

Bungie2937d ago

what's A-
9 or 8.5

either way great score

gamingisnotacrime2937d ago

there are no multi disc titles on the PS3. is he refering to ME2, or FF13 360 version?

either way i dont need to bve convinced i will buy heavy rain over GoW3, which i will eventually get too

Obelisk922937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

It's 9.1 (source metacritic).

Can't wait to get the game on 24th.

baum2937d ago Show
A Cupcake for Gabe2937d ago

well it's because MAG is an awesome game...

btw heavy rain you kick arse

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chaosatom2937d ago

"It does, however, provide one of the most emotional experiences I've ever had playing a videogame. "

rated X, for not xbox owners :)

JonnyBigBoss2937d ago

Great score for a great game.

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