IncGamers: Heavy Rain Review

IncGamers' Andy Alderson gets to grips with Quantic Dream's gaming experiment. From the review:

From the review:

"What do I do?" I repeat, my words laced with desperation. "I don't know, but do it now," is the response and in that moment - that gloriously anxious moment - I make my choice. The immediate aftermath suggests that what we've done, or rather, what I've done is right. Or wrong. God, I don't even know any more. I'm a nervous wreck and my moral compass is spinning like a rotor blade. Never has the notion of choice played a more important role in gaming and never has a game elicited such a range of emotions in me. Heavy Rain, it must be said, is a monumental achievement."

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Fyzzu3027d ago

Wow. Awesome review, and no spoilers. I can't wait for this.

Leord3027d ago

I, too appreciate the lack of spoilers.

Leord3027d ago

"Monumental achievement" - Strong words for a video game ;)

Fyzzu3027d ago

Sounds like it deserves it, though. That review paints a pretty stunning picture.

syrinx3027d ago

Great review. I have to say this is one very good looking game that is really different from a lot of the stuff out there just now. Deffo going to buy.

AndyA3027d ago

Yup, it is completely different. No doubt some people won't 'get' Heavy Rain, but as the review says it's an unforgettable experience.

Maticus3027d ago

From what I've heard, I don't think I could play this game. It's way too intense. I cried at Dragon Age for god's sake.

Saying that, it sounds truly amazing.

Fyzzu3027d ago

Haha, yeah, if it's that emotionally intensive it might be a bit much for you :p

3027d ago