IGN: Heavy Rain Video Review

"Heavy Rain is a hell of an experience. Its controversial control scheme actually works really well in allowing the fantastic story to dictate how events play out, and many of the game's scenes will keep you on the edge of your seat. It starts slow and the presentation isn't perfect, but the character development, dialog and story twists will hook you like few games can. Heavy Rain is not to be missed."

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Pennywise2805d ago

Not even IGN can score this bad.


Xwow20082805d ago

GZ for quantic dream heavy rain will be 1 of the most Unique Titles of this gen :)

-Alpha2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Maybe lately with MAG, but they usually are the ones to rate games on the high end of the average spectrum, Pennywise.

xTruthx2805d ago

was the only negative "it starts slow" lol ? Anyways i downloaded the demo and it was really different from anything I had played before and the graphics where amazing.

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UltimateSin2805d ago

A week and 6six days for me.
*Paces back and forth outside EB Games* Come on.... COME ON....

cranium2805d ago

You should try freezing yourself if it's that unbearable :)

Mr Logic2805d ago

nice reference cranium.

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Shane Kim2805d ago

Bots are the laughing stock of gaming. Enough said.

The Iron Sheik2805d ago

They are trying to call this game a flop even though it is getting AAA reviews. They are the saddest people in gaming.

Dsnyder2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

What are they blind? How can you look at this and not give it a 10. And yet they give GTA 4 and modern warfare 2 a 10? Morons.

Dsnyder2805d ago

What the hell is with people disagreeing and not replying? Yeah I would understand too hiding behind an anonymous disagree that way you dont have to make yourself look like a complete idiot by saying "LOLZ HEAVY RAIN GFX SUX!". Seriously, these graphics are a PERFECT 10. End of story. Go ahead and disagree like a coward.

kaveti66162805d ago

Did you watch the video? They said that although faces look great, a lot of environmental objects are low-res.

Killjoy30002805d ago

Funny thing is, that pic is from an older build. Shows how fantastic the game already look a year back. It's beyond me how a game rivaling Uncharted's graphics receives and 8.5. The game has been lauded by many for its visuals, so it's absolutely bewildering that such impressive graphics can be attached with an 8.5.

divideby02805d ago

low rez. textures are in all frigging games....I am playing through ME2 now and some of those textures are nasty low rez...thats why some of these reviews are a joke..they have to nitpick on stuff like textures and let some games like I just mentioned and as someone mentioned above GTA

Traveler2805d ago

Well, some parts look good and other parts don't look that good. Uncharted 2 for me is still better looking. I'm still going to love the game though.

A Cupcake for Gabe2805d ago

Halo ODST got a 9 in

IGN you suck...great score though

Darkeyes2805d ago

See this is why I cry out bias every time IGN posts something... They gave MW2 a friggin 10 in the graphics department... Didn't know that MW2 didn't have any low res textures lol.. Heavy Rain sh!ts on it in the graphics department yet they complain tch tch.

AKS2805d ago

I wouldn't put much weight into what IGN rates the technical aspects of games. And they are usually even worse when it comes to evaluating audio than they are evaluating graphics.

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