Diablo 3's Mega-Pauldrons

Blizzard is known for their characters' massive shoulder plates, but Diablo has previously been a franchise without them.

The choice to bring them in to Diablo III is defended by community manager Bashiok.

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kerriganss3024d ago

Shoulderpads represent awesomeness, i want them too :p

Leord3024d ago

You're missing the point here.

Most Diablo players do NOT want to have massive shoulderpads!

kerriganss3024d ago

But! I do! :P

Thus im backing up bashiok!

sandwiches3024d ago

You're missing the point, those complaining in the forums do NOT speak for the majority of Diablo players. I have been a Diablo fans for years since the first one and I have never posted on the official Diablo forums.

moondragon3024d ago

yep, they make you look an badass and proves your are an alite character.

theCHUNK3024d ago

I've got a fever and the only thing that will satisfy it is... MORE SHOULDERPAD!

DeepThought3024d ago

yeah ive always liked massive shoulder pads and dont say they're wow like becuase they were in D2 too

Leord3024d ago

To be honest, I like big pads and I cannot lie, but there's a limit to it...

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