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IGN: Heavy Rain's an interactive movie, and it's an enthralling experience.

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Sevir042899d ago

None the less, This game is the truth.. the step in the right direction that the Gaming industry needs. i'm Glad Sony took up HR and Quantic dreams vision, this is what owning a PS3 is all about, giving experiences you simply wont find on any platform.

HR=totally purchased. i'm skipping the demo since i dont want anything spoiled for me.

And as far as bright spots for Sony, It's only the Begining of 2010, MAG started off the year Quite well i would say.. MAG has been sucessful, maybe not like ME2 but it certainly has garnered quite a positive reaction. and then ofcourse WKC is well not quite what everyone was expecting... This Game comes as Sony's Second and Better block buster of the year, but all of that Changes, after March, this Blokbuster onslaught continues with pehaps the biggest EPIC of the Year... GOW3...

Marceles2899d ago

"Graphics 8.5
The characters look great, but some low-res items in the environment make some scenes look a little disjointed."

Holy god nitpicky can you get? This is exactly what I've been talking about with certain games getting a free ride while others get nitpicked to death. Low res items in the background? Perfectly OK for ME2 to have it...9.5 for graphics and the most revolutionary game of all time, but Heavy Rain having low res items? FLOP, there's no excuse for low res items on a PS3 game, deal with it fanboys.

Give me a break..

-Alpha2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

What's the big deal? The reviewer has played the game and gave the graphics an 8.5, why are you complaining?

Heavy Rain's focus is on giving an uninterrupted experience, so if textures seem a little off then it's going to affect the game and in a game like Heavy Rain it seems more apparent than other games.

Why do you have to assume that there is just a PS3 bias, and how the HELL did it flop?? It's so illogical for people to do that, and they do that a lot, especially with exclusives. People get really sensitive anything something bad is said about an exclusive, as if reviews aren't supposed to point out these objective facts.

BeaArthur2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Marceles....calm down. The reviewer thought the graphics deserved an 8.5 get over it. Why do you even care, if you want to proclaim they are the best graphics of all time go ahead. They probably are getting "nitpicked" because the dame doesn't have traditional gameplay so the emphasis of what makes the title bad/average/good/great has to lie elsewhere.

mfwahwah2899d ago


I find it funny that you're complaining about them being nitpicky, when it's you that's guilty of the same crime.

So they gave graphics an 8.5 (Rounds up to a 9 ;)). What about the 9/10 OVERALL rating? I'm sure that means the game is crap, right?

Lifendz2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

and I was suprised that it wasn't a comment by Bungie. Off to read the review now.

It only does AAA exclusives.

Guys, you gotta remember that these games are reviewed by different people and different teams. The guys that review 360 exclusives aren't reviewing a PS3 exclusive. So Roper deducting a whole point for a slow start in now way means the game is worse than Mass Effect 2. In fact, why even compare the two?

Imalwaysright2899d ago

I think that Heavy Rain got an 8.5 in graphics because it was compared with the best games on PS3 in terms of graphics (Killzone 2 and U2) and Mass Effect was compared with the best game in terms of graphics on the 360.

Marceles2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Meh...that's observing a standard, not nitpicking. Something was mentioned that many games have that problem but hey, let's mention it for Heavy Rain to make the graphics sound worse. But when other games have high-res models zoomed in with wonky animation followed with low res objects and bloom in the background so you won't notice, it's not worth mentioning. I'm singling out one aspect of the review, that's great it got a 9. I'm sure if a game you liked got a 10, but they said the story was mediocre and you disagree you would mention it.

I just noticed it, that's it. Yeah it's an opinion, "deal with it", "face it", "live with it", whatever...but come on

Rockox2899d ago

Whenever I get a PS3, this will be the first game I buy, hands down. I hope the game does really well. It looks awesome!

BeaArthur2899d ago

Marceles...I get where you're coming from, you want the critiques to be equal. Where we are coming from is that it shouldn't matter. The fact that the review brought it up doesn't change what the game is or how good it is in any way. I mean you got all worked up (and you aren't the only person I see doing this) over something so irrelevant. Maybe the guy that reviewed HR is a graphics Nazi and other reviewers don't pay that much attention. The fact that he pointed out some graphical hiccups isn't going to change your enjoyment of the game is it?

thewhoopimen2899d ago

I can kind of see what marceles is saying. For example, Me2 has the exact same emphasis as HR on character polygons to the exclusion of the environment. HR has the entire game mo-capped/hand animated, while Me2 is only mo-capped during in-game CG scenes. Plus I could easily venture to say that HR does carry more texture and graphical assets, even though ME2 has a bigger world full of crates and barrels.

So why is HR getting nitpicked for that? Is it intentional bias? Probably not because the reviewers are different, but still console graphics standards need to be measured the same way across consoles. It's these glossed over differences that make so many "strictly" 360 owners think they have the "same" level of graphics on their consoles.

Marceles2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

lol trust me..I'm not screaming to the top of my lungs going AHGAHGHAGHHAGHAGH at the computer, I'm totally calm Bea. I'm trying to have a conversation with my fellow gamers about a part of the review that isn't brought up in many games since similar games use the same technique. I know it shouldn't matter lol, but it was brought up in the closing thoughts and I wanted to bring it up.

It's not a graphics problem, it's a production technique. It's like saying GTA4 has the best graphics ever, 10.0, but then saying Infamous sucks because the textures aren't as great as Crysis and there's minor pop-in. It's an open world game, you give a little to get a little.

BeaArthur2899d ago

Marceles...believe me I understand. I will be the first to say that reviews aren't consistent but there's not much we can do. The game looks great either way and I'm excited to check it out. For the record GTA 4 definitely does not have the best graphics.

-Alpha2899d ago

Look, I get what you are saying but saying that they are bias is a grasp at straws.

You are using PS3 exclusives, but if you look at the broader picture NO game is ever reviewed in one standard.

And do you really think ME2 would have gotten a lower score if the low res was pointed out?

You havent played the game yet, so that alone shows that you shouldn't be so quick to judge.

There is no "checklist" for games to meet standards.

And there were other reasons it got 8.5 too, so let's not dwell solely on "low textures"

Beast_Master2899d ago

I respect Roper's opinion (The reviewer). He doesn't play Xbox at all for those that don't listen to the Beyond podcast.. He is the senior editor of the Playstation team and I trust his opinion over Greg Miller or Ryan Clements.. I think he also pointed out that the voice acting was less than stellar in some spots (which I have seen in the demo) and talks about the game being a little slow to start. I think he is very clear why he gave the game the score that he did, there is no controversy here as far as I can see.

artsaber2899d ago

Biases, maybe sometimes... inconsistences, yes, almost always. But nevertheless, a great score for a great game. Awesome AAA quality, demo actually sold me on the game whereas before I was skeptical about the gameplay, etc.

HR is one of the best looking games I've played. Gamers should be excited about this kinda stuff, it pushes gaming to new levels.

Marceles2899d ago

lol yeah DEFINITELY not the best, just used it to make a point :P

Saaking2899d ago

Great Score. Can't wait to pick it up.

thesummerofgeorge2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Anyone saying that because it's a great score, it doesn't have to be accurate is dead wrong. IGN has had more than enough time to establish a set of standards that they rate games by, and when certain games get a pass in one area while other games don't and subsequently lose points, while it may overall not seem like much to you, it's unfair, and yes it is most certainly biased. It's a matter of the PS3 games consistently being judged more harshly. Maybe you couldn't care less about an extra point or two, but that's besides the point isn't it? Cause what matters to you is irrelevant, what matters is what the game deserves, and if each game is rated based on a different set of standards, there's absolutely no point.

This isn't some teen fanboy blog we're talking about here, if one game is being deducted points for one 'issue' yet another game released around the same time is given a pass on the issue it matters, whether you care about it or not. Clearly it matters enough for IGN to take points off and point it out. Not to mention this is a consistent problem with IGN and other sites alike. Just because it's a good score, doesn't mean that's the score it deserves.

Digitaldude2898d ago

So IGN gives MW2 a 10/10 for graphics but this gets a 8.5 kk ign. wateva joo say dood.
Anyways, great score. Paid for my Collectors Edition already and cant wait till release.

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ps3hasonlyflopgames2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

flop sealed and confirmed of 2010.

cant wait for see the flop in sales too..

ps: ign give the mass effect 2 9.6

3sq2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Cry more. All I see is the 9 all over your face. ;)

5-oj2899d ago

ps3hasonlyflopgames is crying! WAAAHHH! WAAAHHH!

Carlton Banks2899d ago

Heavy rain haters OWNED!!!!!!!

Whitefox7892899d ago

OHH CRAP ITS .6 BETTER! Can you go into Mass Effect 2 and tell me what makes it 3/5 better then Heavy Rain? Whats this you can't? Then guess what shut up! They are both great games can't we all just accept that?

I swear to god this is why I hate the point system for game ratings it should be the star system.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_2899d ago

||.........___||.......____|| 'Triple'A'Station 3' ;-P

p.s SUCK IT BOT!!! ;-D

II-Reaper-II2899d ago

Great score but from what i saw in the demo,no way its a 8.5.Ign is becoming to picky.This is a 9.5 in graphics at least

rawd2899d ago

Boom to the power of boom

blackmamba7072899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

b-bu-bu-bu-but Alan Wait is superior!11

yeah right, mediocre tpp running with flashlight with 2007 (this is when it supposed to come out lol) graphics is laughable


2898d ago
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Gimped Hardware2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

but due to it being a niche title it will probably get less sales than it deserves.

Perhaps from now on,people could stop the accusations, in the gamer zone at least, of certain web sites namely - IGN, Eurogamer etc of being biased over consoles - this solid score proves again that there is no hidden agenda.

Happy gaming one and all :D

EDIT @mint royale - that is why i highlighted the 'gamerzone' in my text - surely the fanboys can leave this zone alone.........2 disagrees for talking sense - that somehow doesn't surpise me LMAO

mint royale2899d ago

The hidden agenda for the most part comes from insanely paranoid fanboys who are looking for something to argue over. If they don't agree with something, it is not a talking point, they are just right and the others are wrong and biased.

Most sane people realise this.

5-oj2899d ago

I wish my 360 can play this game. :(

mint royale2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

But your ps3 plays it so why would you wish for that....

Do you live under a bridge I think I know what you are.

randomwiz2899d ago

"2 disagrees for talking sense - that somehow doesn't surpise me LMAO "

No offense, but you built up a reputation to extent where people will just click the disagree button just by seeing that you posted. Besides, this is n4g... you shouldn't really care about how many agrees/disagrees you get.

mfwahwah2899d ago

This game could sell well. Indigo Prophecy sold over 800,000 copies in its lifetime (and it sold out very quickly on Xbox in most countries).

This game is getting a lot of attention from gamers, whether they hate it or not. If Sony can market the game well, then it can sell. They have to just focus on the fact that anybody can enjoy it (gamer or not), it's story driven (non-gamers might enjoy a movie-like experience), and that it's something different. Something you can spend your money on, and know that there's nothing else quite like it on the market right now.

Hopefully Kevin Butler gets hired for this, after losing his job as VP First Person Shooter Relations ;)

8thnightvolley2899d ago

Someone answer me .. this.. HR was said to be the game with the OMG graphics and gush.. it looks so amazing that i want to piss myself... but wait a sec...

How did mass effect 2 using the OUTDATED.. UNREAL ENGINE 3.. get a 9.5 and HR a 8.5....

HR is a great game as seen but a whole 1.0 behind and unreal game.. wow.. not much for its so called omg graphics it was hyped to have .. :(

BWS19822898d ago

@ Gimped Hardware....Your FRIGGIN' USER NAME AND AVATAR mean you're never talking sense...You joined the site with that as your "calling card" the hell is anything you say going to be given merit or credibility? You're a troll, plain and simple, get over the fact that people know you're vomiting crap on the internet.

@ above me: Dude, you are new to this video gaming thing, aren't you? You new to this generation? You new to how reviews work? How opinions work? Wait, are you new to logic too?

Seriously, it's an opinion, one that's been brought into question by other opinions in this very article, which goes to show it's all subjective. Stop your chest beating, you didn't win any prize, umkay?

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