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GamerZines: Heavy Rain Review

GamerZines: But that's the bottom line with Heavy Rain; to expect the unexpected. It's a beautiful and utterly unique adventure that surprisingly never grows tiresome, complete with a plot that stands toe-to-toe with the industry's finest.

But simultaneously, with its unexpected combination of wonky scripting and occasional clumsiness, Heavy Rain often feels like it's dipping its toes into waters that even Cage himself doesn't fully understand. It's an experience deserving of being trialled by everyone at least once, but also a title that, after the initial wow factor has worn off, may be better remembered for the spectacle it could have been, rather than the flawed, yet utterly brilliant 'interactive drama' it actually is. (Heavy Rain , PS3) 90/100

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Dutch Boogie  +   2114d ago
AAA experience right here.

"Quantic Dream crafted the top game of 2010, thus far. It'll be hard to be interested in a game's story again after experiencing this gem."


- Examiner.com

I say day friken 1 biatches.
raztad  +   2114d ago
To tell the true I was expecting a broader spectrum of opinions. Game seems to be converging very nicely to 90+. Which is rather surprising considering how HR stretches the traditional concept of a game.

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