Boomtown: Heavy Rain Review

"I have never played anything so momentous or revolutionary as Heavy Rain. In the coming years I expect the game's influence to be felt throughout the industry in terms of gameplay, storytelling and interactivity. This is a game that deserves all the plaudits it can get."

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Madeline122900d ago

People read the review and tell me if you didn't get super excited to play this masterpiece.

ScarT2899d ago

I'm not reading the review, but Boomtown are good reviewers. I read some of the comments. They claim there are no spoilers in this review.

And oh, Boomtown is on metacritic.

Dutch Boogie2900d ago

Absolutely outstanding. The demo left me wanting more.

Dutch Boogie2900d ago

"Quantic Dream crafted the top game of 2010, thus far. It'll be hard to be interested in a game's story again after experiencing this gem."



I say day friken 1 biatches.