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Submitted by Double07 2117d ago | review

Eurogamer: Heavy Rain Review

Eurogamer writes: "Games typically begin and end with killing. In between, there will be a lot of killing. And if you get bored, you can always go off and do some different killing. Heavy Rain is another game about killing, but the difference is that when you pull the trigger - if you pull the trigger - you're committing to something with consequences. You may die in Heavy Rain, but rather than losing progress you may lose opportunities. In a medium where your existence is now so cheap that most games don't bother to punish you for wasting it, Heavy Rain wants you to respect human life.

Ethan Mars, one of the game's four playable characters, does nothing but live with consequences. In an extended playable prologue to the main story, Mars suffers through the death of one of his two sons, an accident that also leaves him in a coma. When we return to him two years later he's suffering blackouts and estranged from his wife, blaming himself and weeping behind closed doors as his remaining, increasingly distant son Shaun watches TV downstairs in his ropey bedsit. The "game" is to drag a broken man through the motions of parenthood. " (Heavy Rain , PS3) 9/10

Hellsvacancy  +   2117d ago
Very nice EuroGamer
kingdavid  +   2117d ago
AAA game? I think so.

Great news.
jammy_70  +   2117d ago
critics wise
its a success! =]
FamilyGuy  +   2117d ago
That about does it, if Eurogamer has to give it praise it must be doing something right.
Bobbykotickrulesz  +   2117d ago
Another excellent review.

I love playing video games.
UnSelf  +   2117d ago
ign uk-9
ign au-9

must be good
MetalGearBear  +   2117d ago
oh god, im waiting for Edge's review. I HATE EDGE!!!! >:(
frankymv  +   2117d ago
Heavy Rain is now on my buy list!
This game has had tremendous critical reception
baum  +   2117d ago
Even Eurogamer can't resist. EDGE will probably flop it though.
L-Teezy  +   2117d ago
hmm :/
holy crap at the spoilers in the 2nd paragraph. i didnt even bother to click on the review. nice score though. :D
aaron5829  +   2117d ago
I'm just as surprised as anyone...
Like i said before.. i dont care if this game is averaged at 1/10 on meta...

i'll still buy it day 1... i loved indigo prophecy !
ChineseDemocracy  +   2117d ago
Februrary 23 can't come soon enough!
SO stoked! stellar reviews so far, and the demo was great!
DMason  +   2117d ago
Actually, IGN AU gave it an 8.8

So Im guessing that everyone forgives Eurogamer? Cause just last week I couldve sworn people were cursing them.

This site is so bi-polar it makes me sick sometimes.
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commodore64  +   2117d ago
Heavy Rain surely deserves its praise so far.

Lots of french websites have praised this game and the initial consensus saw metacritic rate it at 93.

Now, after additional international reputable websites have been added, the score has sadly dropped to 89 in the last two days.

Still, a top notch AA title, only on ps3!
jessupj  +   2117d ago
Eurogamer? 9/10? I'm shocked!

I'm predicting those edge sons of b*tches give this a 7. Maybe an 8 if they don't happen to be on their period.
nevimkdojsem2  +   2116d ago
AA like Fable II?
Major_Tom  +   2117d ago

This is more of an RPG than Mass Effect 2.
kingdavid  +   2117d ago
Not really...
chrisulloa  +   2117d ago
FACT: This is a movie, not a game.
MetalGearBear  +   2117d ago
omg, u just jealous on Heavy Rain.
bujasem_89  +   2117d ago
what ever the sh*t your smokin is, pls tell me where to get it , cause being that high just has to be awesome :D
talltony  +   2117d ago
90% of you fanboys said it was going to flop in reviews. Fact You guys fail again FACT!
Trebius  +   2117d ago
FACT :: Bots are jealous of this game but mask it with hatred.

FACT :: 360 has no games this year just like last year.

M$ doesnt belong in the console business. They're trying to keep us in the stone age with out of date tech and shady nickel/dime tactics to rob their devoted fans of their cash (lunch money)
Troll_Police  +   2117d ago
A 9? For a PS3 exclusive? From Eurogamer? Heavy Rain is a masterpiece that no one can deny.
raztad  +   2117d ago
I already mentioned in a previous post that Eurogamer.NET usually is harsh (and loves to nitpick) with PS3 exclusive games but they are far less biased than, you know, that pretentious journal called EDGE.

Surprisingly HR is gathering quite a critical acclaim. Game is a must have.
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Blaze929  +   2117d ago
Or maybe it's just different people with each review at Eurogamer with different opinions? Sheesh, you PS3 fans and you're damn conspiracy theories.
Parapraxis  +   2117d ago
Unless your name is Jim Sterling.
Bilbo65  +   2117d ago
Lol yea Destructiod is a joke and Jim is the biggest troll ever.
-Alpha  +   2117d ago
@Troll Police
Yeah, can you believe it? PS3 fanboys and their conspiracy theories proven wrong again. It's funny that when Eurogamer is harsh to games (all games, not just the PS3 exclusives like PS3 fanboys like to believe) PS3 fanboys love to claim they are biased or paid off, and when a PS3 exclusive gets a great score (despite the fact that many PS3 games have gotten a great score from EG) they act as if it the review matters.

I personally love Eurogamer reviews, and though they are harsh, the content of the review is solid.
DMason  +   2117d ago
@Alpha Male
Your comment is so true that it actually hurts. And it will offend many people. Dude, you have to be crazy speaking the truth around here. The disagrees will come pouring in.
-Alpha  +   2117d ago
Lol, most people who spam the disagree button are cowards that can't make an intellectual response back anyway (most, but not all).

I dont mind if people disagree, as long as they have the decency to argue back. The disagree button is the great butthurt revenge of the fanboys and its used to compensate for their inability to confront the truth.
DMason  +   2117d ago
@Alpha Male
The funny thing is, the people with the most Agrees are the people that say the most ignorant, biased things. Such as "Xbots have no games, failbox. etc"

The reason for this is because even the intelligent but biased people agree with them because they are too afraid to say it themselves. So they just silently agree with them instead.

I dont put too much stock in any one system. I'm looking forward to Heavy Rain. But mark my words, I will NEVER discredit or condemn a site because they gave a game what people deem "too low of a score." People tend to forget that it is an opinion, not a fact.
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commodore64  +   2117d ago
I couldn't agree more with you two above me.

The ps3 conspiracy theories are legendary.
I even made a (sarcastic) post to this effect, making light of this issue we have on n4g.

Funnily enough it was received with a plethora of disagrees.
#3.9 (Edited 2117d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
The Wood  +   2117d ago
you guys you guys
i stand in the middle.. I believe that there is SOME bias just not ALL the time like some...too many variables but by some of your comments it seems you feel theres been ZERO bias shown against the ps3 despite numerous instances that are unexplainable or brushed under the carpet as 'opinion'

Ok check this out...Please check out edge eurogamer, teletext reviews of British games (games by british devs)...There aren't that many so it should be easy but you'll see a trend that they ALL seem to get higher than the average bias?? or are you guys just so caught up in when a site actually reviews a game properly with its right hand that you miss the left hand with its middle finger in the air. Please look at the game reviews for codemasters games if you REALLY need a push to open your eyes....Im not even talking about the ps3 here so MAYBE you'll actual pull your heads out.....bias is human nature other than that both blaze and alpha are kool members in my eyes as they have shown they are in fact gamers first and foremost BUT i think you guys spend a bit too much time whining about people having an opinion about an opinion on a site thats ALL about opinion ESPECIALLY ps3 fans....because 360 ones dont seem to warrant the same shutdowns maybe /s. d mason + commodore get AIR as they're just riding on the better commenters tails and bring nothing to n4g but angst (not like you's lot would care anyway but i just wanted to say it)

Good day guys....hope you enjoy heavy rain



my point obviously went over your head...a part of my point is that there is more than just a ps3/360/genre/dev bias shown by some sites. I asked you to look at scores of the uk publications (where im from) as to demonstrate i have an open mind and is not clouded by aniti ps3 everything....(did you even look) I also stated im in the middle of zero conspiricy vs total conspiricy...maybe its just you that doesnt get it..Dont get ur nickers in a twist because i think your comments are more onesided than the others....its only the internet
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sparta76  +   2117d ago
Gonna disagree with the 3 of u !!!!
Alpha, dmasion and commodorE...!
And here's why!
It not only ps3 fanboys it 360 fanboys. In fact there more of them...
There's stupid fanboys from both sides that got nothing better to do than talk s!!t!
And alpha- male PLEASE STFU!!!!!
Every time u comment is the same crap!
Ps3 fan this!!!
Ps3 fan that!!!
But the xbox fanboys are trolling u say sh!t!!!!

On topic; ( sorry about that) allready pre-ordered along with Gow3, spc:c pickEd up bioshock yesturday.
It's a great time to be a gamer. Peace
DMason  +   2117d ago
Your reasons for disagreeing are so jumbled and mismanaged, they actually come off as pathetic. Riding coattails? How so? It's called REPLYING. It's what YOU did. Its what most people on this site do. People start conversations, and others reply. This is how society converses with each other. Hence the name Conversation Pieces. And these PIECES are written so people like me can hold CONVERSTATIONS. See how that works?

I was speaking of fanboys in general, but coincidentally a certain group of them were calling Eurogamer biased just last week.

You're telling me I bring angst? You're trying to prove that British reviewers only favor British games. That is called a conspiracy theory.

Pull up your pants kid, your hypocrisy is showing.
#3.12 (Edited 2117d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jessupj  +   2117d ago
If you actually deny the blatant PS3 hate from the media ever since launch and the double standards for review scores I have to question your intelligence, I really have to question your intelligence. And don't give me that bullsh*t about reviews being opinions. If a review is an opinion, the reviewer shouldn't be reviewing.

How can you keep a straight face and say it's a conspiracy....
commodore64  +   2116d ago
@ jeesupj.

Your post makes very little sense.
The Wood  +   2116d ago
seems the only conspiricy people see as fact
is the gamespot sacking of the 'too much variety' guy. Yeah, thats the only corruption in our holier than thou Westerners will support their own if theres an choice and by that i mean a product that can compete. The western media has its champion now and the 360 is it.. ive got no issue with human nature but its surprising to see just how blinkered SOME people can be SOMETIMES. Sometimes its not about bias but shoddy journalism ....I point to some of the dumber reviews of mass effect 2....didnt see too many in their talking about 'its only an opinion'...The reason why some may say the same against ps3 fans is because there have been more quality exclusive games released on it in the last couple of years and when a random review comes in its our right to question their review especially when some of these sites and their writers have history...bottom line is crappy reviews shouldnt stop us from buying and enjoying the the best reviewer for ME but that doesnt stop the fact that a lot of reviews are full of ****
sher00win99   2117d ago | Spam
Raoh  +   2117d ago
A 9? For a PS3 exclusive? From Eurogamer?
i'm confused too, is it april fools? has the eurogamer offices been taken hostage?

the ecosystem now feels unbalanced
Dutch Boogie  +   2117d ago
"Quantic Dream crafted the top game of 2010, thus far. It'll be hard to be interested in a game's story again after experiencing this gem."



I say day friken 1 biatches.
#6 (Edited 2117d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
theEnemy  +   2117d ago
more like
day zero for me.

already pre-ordered this badboy. :D
DMason  +   2117d ago
@Dutch Boogie
I think you're in the wrong article. This is Eurogamer, not Examiner. I know, I know, they both start with "E's", it must be confusing.

And by the way, Examiner is just regular people like you and me. They dont actually work in the industry. I could become an Examiner reviewer and give Heavy Rain a 10/10 also.
#6.2 (Edited 2117d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Antan  +   2117d ago
Well well, seems like this is reviewing better than even i thought!! Thoroughly deserving might i add.
jalen247  +   2117d ago
Well done review Eurogamer. :)

I think Heavy Rain is even moving PS3 consoles because PS3 has been ruling the charts on for a over a week now. PS3 has been outselling the Wii.

I think January, February, and March are going to be strong sales months for the PS3.
#8 (Edited 2117d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Well in America its Tax season...and ps3 is the system to get so expect that..(Sold out in my area)
trage  +   2117d ago
omg a 9 from eurogamer I must get this now.
redsquad  +   2117d ago
So what's a 'mature' game then?
Guiding Ethan Mars through the trauma of losing his son, or raking a group of civillians with automatic rifle fire in a Russian airport lounge?

I'll take the former over the latter any day, and maybe HEAVY RAIN is a wake up call for many of us.
GAME OF THE YEAR....WHY NOT.. Original game play and intriguing story and fun to play...CAN IT GET BETTER
mikemadden  +   2117d ago
If they gave heavy rain a 9 the game is a 12!!
Arnon  +   2117d ago
IGN - 9
IGN UK - 9
IGN AU - 8.8
Eurogamer - 9

Good stuff.
PeptoBismol  +   2117d ago


Michael-Jackson  +   2117d ago
Ohh LOOK...I see 1 Chatbot...Where are they???
Poor Bots...All those Tears!!! :-( Jump Out and play B3YOND ;-D

#15 (Edited 2117d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
nogolis  +   2117d ago
I do hafta admit all these scores coming in from these places are much, much, much higher than I had thought they'd have been after my hands on time with the game. That is one of two things for me...

1 - They're paid reviews


2 - The game is much better than the demo

I guess we'll see.
They paid for it too and Mass Effect.

silvacrest  +   2116d ago
im gonna go with the demo does not do justice to the final product

same goes for GOW3 demo
Heavy Button   2117d ago | Spam
Mo0eY  +   2117d ago
Damn, this is EUROLAMER, the same site that blew their load all over all many other PS3 games. I think Eurogamer gives higher scores to PS3 games that push the boundaries of games. Next up: God of WAAAR 3.
Heavy Button   2117d ago | Spam
Lionalliance  +   2117d ago
Really nice :D
With all these scores, it's making Destructoid review look like a joke.
bunfighterii  +   2117d ago
WTF Eurogamer once again a spoiler filled review. Can't they do what every other reviewer has done so far and not give story details away?
JonnyBigBoss  +   2117d ago
Nothing like a well-written review.
XDF  +   2117d ago
Thank god I don't read review, just the score.
It is like buying a $20 strategy guide? Pointless.

Even though I am a big X360 fan, I know great games when I see them. Heavy Rain is one of them and I will be using one of my Gamestop gift card to get this gem on day one.

I also have GOW3 and FF13 paid for and ready to be play on my PS3. I am enjoying all the great games for being a dual console owner and loving every min of it.
#23 (Edited 2117d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Zeal0t  +   2116d ago

You know great games when you see them... right? yeah sure :)
silvacrest  +   2116d ago
i love it when flip flopping fanboys are exposed

thanks deathn0te
XDF  +   2116d ago
Thanks for exposing me on the alternate universe known as the OPEN ZONE.

You da man.
robotnik  +   2117d ago
My wallet is crying :(
Figboy  +   2116d ago
dude, Eurogamer,
i don't need a breakdown of the story, god dammit.

if i didn't already know what Ethan goes through, i'd have been immensely spoiled by that paragraph.

i don't have the game yet, but i'm already thinking about how i'm going to write my review without giving anything away of the plot.

in such a story/character driven game, i don't want to alter or ruin someone's experience in my writeup.

good review or not, Eurogamer could have used a bit more discretion when writing it.

i didn't bother to read the rest of the review in fear of more spoilers.

EDIT: also, HA HA and people thinking this game was going to suck.

just because you don't run around chainsawing people in half doesn't mean the game isn't quality. there's more to gaming than pointing a gun at someone's head and pulling a trigger. sometimes you rip them in half with your bare hands! (god i love you Kratos...*ahem* um, what was i talking about again?)
#25 (Edited 2116d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply

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