NowGamer Review: Heavy Rain

NowGamer: When is a game not a game?

When it's Heavy Rain. It's not so much a riddle as it is the only reasonable outcome of a week of post-consumption positing. To understand the often-enjoyable, always-bizarre experience we had with it, it's important that we – meaning you and us – come to a common understanding of what exactly constitutes a videogame...

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Hellsvacancy3078d ago

Hard mofos 2-please, ive given it a 10+ b-4 ive even played it (i know wot i like)

Julie3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

After reading some reviews i wonder if the new gamers and websites have any idea of a genre called Graphic Adventure, with great games like The Longest Journey and Phantasmagoria? there are lots more games but those 2 are my favorite of the genre.

I say this because i find amusing how the new websites are like "Game not Game" "ohh interactive" and stuff , it seems they never played an Graphic Adventure game or that they are playing dumb?

Heavy Rain seems an awesome Graphic Adventure game that innovates and plays with your feelings.

jimmins3077d ago

Like the idea of dynamic action and controls, but by the sounds of the review it doesn't sound like the game breaks as much ground as first thought...

X360Team3077d ago Show
SteveB3603077d ago

A very good review, well reasoned. Probably going to get unfairly torn to pieces by 'people' in the comments section that have their fanboy settings dialed to 'uncontrollably rabid', but hey.

Wardrobe_1013077d ago

I think they've been a little harsh on Ethan Mars, but ultimately this review just confirms that this is a game that needs to be played, if only so you can have your own informed opinion about it.

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